Comedy sequels are notoriously difficult to get right. Follow ups more than a decade later also tend to be a very mixed bag to say the least. So here we have Zoolander 2, not only a comedy sequel, but one that comes fifteen years after the original. Combine that with both Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson having patchy recent track records, and it’s easy to understand why some people may not be too excited about this film. However, putting all of that aside paints a slightly different picture. The trailer was funny, there are some good additions to the cast, and it has the potential to deliver a real commentary on the modern fashion world, and pop culture in general. Fingers crossed the film makers can figure out how to make this film turn left.

Zoolander 2 picks up fifteen years after the first film. Both Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are removed from society, but when some of the worlds most beautiful people start being assassinated, leaving behind only a picture of themselves doing one of Zoolander’s trademark looks, the fashion division of Interpol (quite literally the fashion police) hunt him down to help solve the crimes.

Zoolander 2 Review
He’s so hot right now

I was so surprised how much this film got right. It opens strong, with a surprisingly good scene starring Justin Bieber, and it really didn’t slow down from there. Every scene has not just funny moments, but big laughs, and a lot of this is thanks to Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who not only recapture the chemistry they used to have, but bring new things to table.

The rest of the cast also add a lot, with Will Ferrell particularly standing out, and in classic comedy style, there are some wonderful cameos that I won’t spoil. If I had to criticize Zoolander 2, I would say that quite a few of the jokes do rely on having seen the first Zoolander, but that’s really a minor nitpick. I also want to give some credit to Stiller as a director. Not a lot of people can balance being the main player in front of and behind the camera, but here its spot on, with him not being afraid to give plenty of time and jokes to other people.