I have a problem with superheroes films, they tend to show too much or too little, but X-Men definitely wins it, managing to depict both.

Apocalypse is recruiting soldiers to fight for his ultimate goal. To “clean” the world and start it again. Meanwhile battling on the other side, Charles Xavier attempts to fight in his own way. Although this may seem like the precursor to a good story, the film fails in its execution. Actually it fails in every single opportunity it had to be good.

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

First of all, the film wastes an hour and a half jumping from one character to another, in an attempt to build up a story to support the main action. We are also back, briefly, to places we have seen before in other films of the series which is utterly unnecessary. Characters suffer due to there being no plot to provide structure to this film. Once we hit the climax, it has the chance to take off to dizzying and exciting heights, but it fails again. There is too much noise, and too little action. This film is more focused on telling each character’s viewpoints, rather than the story. I’m not lying. There is a huge CGI action sequence, but nothing actually happens.

Contrary to belief, Apocalypse is more interested in Earth as a whole, than he is interested in a distinction between mutants and humans. Where are the humans in this film? I thought humans were suppose to be victims alongside the mutants. Instead, an attempt is made to humanize the mutants, especially Scott Summers.