Write For Third Act Film

Do you love movies? Do you like what we’re doing here at Third Act Film? Well, we’re looking for some new writers.

What can Third Act Film offer?

Sweet sweet mulla.

We’re now in the position to offer paid positions.

Writer’s will be paid via a 50% share of the ad revenue generated from their articles. Payments will be made at the end of each month.

To be entitled to that payment, you must have written at least 4 articles in that month (preferably one a week).

Why 50%?

We believe it’s best that both parties benefit from articles doing well. By having an equal share it is in our interest to ensure the article does well and gains the most exposure. From a writer’s standpoint, they want to write the best article possible.

In the future, we hope to be able to pay writers a set amount per how many views an article gets rather than the ever-changing income made from advertisements.

The occasional free film.

We can also offer the occasional invitation to press screenings (London, UK based). These come sparingly and will be dished out on a first-to-respond-first-to-get basis.

A platform.

If you want a chance to be heard, build a portfolio or have a hobby this is the place for you. We also will more than happily give out references for those who would like them (all positive, I swear).

What we’re looking for…

We need people to write 1-2 articles a week covering the following topics:

  • Reviews – Past and present (And future, if you can time-travel) reviews
  • Features – Discussion orientated e.g. casting suggestions
  • Lists – Top ten lists etc
  • News – In-depth coverage of a particular current event
  • Opinions – Have you say in regards to an issue in the movie industry

Sounds interesting?

Drop us a line. Contact us with a tester article: 5 Reasons Why <Insert Favourite 90s Film> Deserve A Remake/Should Never Be Remade (500 words minimum). 

Contact us today!