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Rachel McAdams has just officially joined the cast of Doctor Strange, simply adding to the growing list of talented actors to be a part of the film. One thing that wasn’t announced however was who she’s going to be playing, and here at Third Act Film, we love speculating, so here are a few choices of who we think Rachel McAdams could play in Doctor Strange.

Who Will Rachel McAdams Play in Doctor Strange?


The character on this list that is most closely linked to Doctor Strange, this is probably the character McAdams will be playing. She’s also related to Dormammu, so if they go with him as the villain it would save time and make things less complicated.

Who Will Rachel McAdams Play in Doctor Strange?


Mostly known for being a part of the Thor universe in the comics, Enchantress is a magic based character, so there’s a chance she’ll turn up in Doctor Strange. If they wanted to use her in Thor: Ragnarokit might be wise to have her here at least in a small role, to help explain some of her abilities. Also, the Thor films explain Asgard as being an alternate dimension, and this is something Doctor Strange is going to explore in more detail.

Who Will Rachel McAdams Play in Doctor Strange?

Black Swan

Black Swan was an integral part of the comics that lead into the recent crossover event Secret Wars. If the films want to head in that direction in phase 4, 5 or 6, which some rumours suggest they do, then they might want to start planting some of the seeds early. She’s also a dimension hopping character, which would link nicely into what we know about the film so far.

Who Will Rachel McAdams Play in Doctor Strange?

Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight is one of Thanos’ Black Order, in other words she’s one of his most trusted allies, and if Marvel are going to introduce the Black Order into their cinematic universe in time for Infinity War, they’re going to need to start soon.


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Who do you think Rachel McAdams will play in Doctor Strange? Do you like any of our suggestions? Share any thoughts in the comments.

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