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Fanboy favourite and generally super talented actor Mads Mikkelsen is being strongly linked to Marvel’s upcoming film, Doctor Strange. While it’s not confirmed, it is expected that the deal will go through, and that he’ll be playing a villain. We already know that the equally talented Chiwetel Ejiofor has been cast as Baron Mordo, and it’s been rumoured that Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo will also be making an appearance here. They’re both characters that Mikkelsen would have been great for, but they’re taken, so here are a few suggestions of who we think Mads Mikkelsen could play in Doctor Strange.

Who Will Mads Mikkelsen Play in Doctor Strange?


One of the big villains in Marvel comics, Mephisto is more or less the their version of the devil. Even though he did once work with Thanos in an attempt to obtain the power of the infinity stones, the chances of him turning up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe aren’t too high, but if he turns up anywhere, it’ll be fighting Doctor Strange. He would need to be played an actor with a powerful presence, both physically and psychologically, both of which Mikkelsen can provide.

Who Will Mads Mikkelsen Play in Doctor Strange?


At more than 60 years old, Dormammu is one of the longest running Marvel villains, and is possibly the one most associated with Doctor Strange. Much like with Mephisto, Dormammu would be a tough character to bring to the big screen, but an actor like Mikkelsen could easily pull it off, with some help from motion capture…

Who Will Mads Mikkelsen Play in Doctor Strange?

Vlad Dracula

Mikkelsen has the intense evil European look and feel that would be perfect to play Vlad Dracula. I would also love to see him armoured up with long white hair, ready to go toe to toe with Doctor Strange. I feel like I’m saying this a lot, but Vlad Dracula, and consequently vampires, would be hard to introduce into the same universe as Iron Man, but if anyone can do it, it’s Marvel. That could also lead to another Blade film…

Who Will Mads Mikkelsen Play in Doctor Strange?



A half human half demon hybrid, Blackout has the ability to fire dark energy, as well as create inter-dimensional portals to the ‘Darkforce dimension’. We know travel between dimensions is going to be a big part of the Doctor Strange film, and this could be a simple bad guy for audiences to get their heads round in an otherwise very complicated film. Unfortunately he did once appear in one of the Ghost Rider films, but we can all forget that ever happened.

Who Will Mads Mikkelsen Play in Doctor Strange?

Arthur Nagan

This guy is a human head on a gorilla’s body.

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Who would you like to see Mads Mikkelsen play in the upcoming Doctor Strange film? Do you like any of our picks? Share any thoughts in the comments.

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