Although it may be quite far away, we don’t actually know who will star against Ben Affleck’s Batman in the upcoming solo Batman film. I came up with a few suggestions of who I think may take the role facing against The Dark Knight.

Put Money on it

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

The Joker – Everyone’s favourite clown prince of crime and Batman’s main adversary may give Bats a hand for his solo movie. With a long deep history and polarizing ideologies, it only makes sense to have them face off against each other one more time.

Seemingly with the Suicide Squad Batman and the Joker have a deep history already, perhaps in a solo film we can get a chance to explore more of that and better understand this new Batman through the back-and-forth between him and The Joker.

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

Deadshot – I’ve mentioned previously that I feel as though Will Smith wouldn’t have signed on to do only one film, especially if viewers love that one film he was in. I can see him teeing off against the caped crusader.

What I like most about this idea is the chance to see to see the two have a battle of wits and morals. Deadshot isn’t completely all bad, however, Batman’s view of right and wrong can be a bit cloudy. Can these two who make the greyness of moral their home find the difference in why one is the hero and the other the villain.

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

Ra’s al Ghul – The stepfather from hell. Just like how the Christopher Nolan trilogy started with him, perhaps the Batfleck trilogy may also. It would also allow for a more mystical side of the DC world to get more attention and help distinguish DC from Marvel in their views on magic.

You can also have Talia be introduced and eventually get to a Son of Batman storyline. The whole League of Shadows could be highlighted as Batman is pitted against them.

These Could Happen

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

The Court of Owls – A newer, but still an exciting storyline, that we haven’t seen in live-action yet comes in the form of The Court of Owls. A secret society made up of millionaires who have controlled the city of Gotham from behind the scenes. Think the Illuminati but with more Owls.

It may just be the right time, socially, for a storyline like this. With people talking about the 1% and distrust against those with the majority of the money, having Batman topple this shady group may have more potency.

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

Red Hood – We’ve already seen that Batman use to have a Robin, although it wasn’t directly commentated that Robin had died, perhaps that Robin had died leaving the first solo Batman film wide-open for a Red Hood storyline.

For those who don’t know, following the murder of one of Batman’s sidekick, Jason Todd, he is resurrected and dons a red hood/helmet and is hell-bent on clearing up the mess he feels Batman has created.

However, I feel this may be challenging, as typically the Red Hood storyline is used to explain why Batman doesn’t kill. However, in this new iteration, Batman has no problem with doing that, seemingly.

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

The Riddler – The only side we haven’t seen of Batman in his live-action adventures, is the fact he is the ‘world’s greatest detective’ and highly intelligent person. A Riddler led film could show us that side.

With a Riddler laying down traps and puzzles across Gotham we would get a chance for Batman to show why he is an invaluable member of the Justice League, the true tactician with a mind razor-sharp.

Probably Not…

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

Hush – The man who wants to be Bruce Wayne/Batman may be a good start for the Bats solo ventures. For some fans, they felt confused after watching Batman V Superman with Batman’s new carelessness to murder.

Perhaps by having Hush, they could show the main differences of the old Batman in direct contrast with the new Batman. Some of the criticism shot at the new DC-verse can be directly tackled by a man obsessed with being the Bat.

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

Black Mask – We could go simple. Get a thug who is out for greed and the chance for Batman to apprehend him. This would allow the audience to learn more about the Batman following a simple plot and not ending up lost.

Whilst Batman is after the Black Mask, we could meet up with the Bat family, learn about the new Gotham and all the supporting characters in Batman’s world.

Who Will Be The Villain In The Upcoming Batman Film?

The Penguin – Similar to the point I made above, however, this time, perhaps with an emotional core. If we were able to see the rise-to-glory that The Penguin endured alongside the rise of the Batman we could see how two men fighting for what they want were able to achieve it.

What I’m suggesting is a cross between the TV Gotham and the Netflix series Daredevil. That’s what I would love to see.

There you have, those are my picks for the next villain in the upcoming solo Batman film. If you agree with any of my picks, please vote in our poll.

Which is your favourite idea?

If you have a suggestion of your own, please share them in the comments below.