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It was recently announced that Cate Blanchett was in talks, and will more than likely appear in in the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Thor: RagnarokHere at Third Act Film, we love casting speculation, so we’re giving a few suggestions of characters we think Cate Blanchett could play in the upcoming release!

Who Will Cate Blanchett Play in Thor: Ragnarok?


Perhaps most easily described as the Hades of Asgard, Hela (as her ultra friendly name would suggest) is the goddess of death. It would take a powerful on screen presence to bring this character to life, so Blanchett seems like an excellent choice for the role.

Who Will Cate Blanchett Play in Thor: Ragnarok?


Enchantress is one of Thor’s most prevalent female villains, and while Blanchett is a little bit older than typical depictions of the character, I’m sure most fans would be happy with this casting decision, were it to come true. With this likely to be the final solo outing for Thor, it would be a shame to not see Enchantress in at least one of his movies.

Who Will Cate Blanchett Play in Thor: Ragnarok?


With every film the Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming more and more linked, and anyone who knows anything about the upcoming super villain Thanos, and the two films he’s set to be the bad guy for (Infinity War Part 1 and 2), will know that Lady Death has a big role to play in that story. Plus, if that character is going to show up anywhere, Ragnarok seems like the most logical place. Not the most glamourous of roles, it could still be fun for an actress like Blanchett.

Who Will Cate Blanchett Play in Thor: Ragnarok?


Based on the Norse mythological character Brynhildr (which in modern times sounds like a dating app), Valkyrie is the leader of the all-female warrior clan known as the Valkyrior, who ride winged horses (I’m sold). In more recent stories she’s been a member of The Defenders, but with that show set to be on Netflix, and being a bit more realistic, if this is the character she’s going to play, is seems more likely that she’ll stay in Asgard, on a horse with wings.

Who Will Cate Blanchett Play in Thor: Ragnarok?


Karnilla is best known as being queen of the Norns, a race who don’t come from Asgard, but from Nornheim (super inventive name). With Ragnarok having been describe as an intergalactic road trip movie, it seems logical that we should see some cool new locations, and they would need the characters to match that. Who better to play the queen of an alien race that Blanchett?

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What do you think of our casting suggestions? Would you like to see Cate Blanchett play any of these roles, or do you have another character in mind? share any thoughts in the comments.

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