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With Jessica Jones just about to hit Netflix, three of the four characters Marvel are bringing to the small screen have already been cast: Daredevil, Luke Cage and the aforementioned Jessica Jones. The fourth character is Iron Fist, and since here at Third Act we love both speculation and Marvel, we’ve put together a list of actors we think could play the role of Danny Rand.

Who Should Play Iron Fist?

Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin is an up and comer, and he definitely has the superhero look. It seems to me like it’s only a matter of time until he gets picked up by one of the big studios to play one of our favourite heroes, and he seems a pretty good fit for Iron Fist.

Who Should Play Iron Fist?

Ryan Kwanten

Here it comes – True Blood was a guilty pleasure of mine. Well, some of it, and a large part of that was thanks to Ryan Kwanten as the dopey but lovable Jason. He looks the part, he’s a good actor, and he’s around the level they would be looking at for the role.

Who Should Play Iron Fist?

Armie Hammer

I personally like Armie Hammmer, but movie going audiences have made it quite clear that they don’t. It seems unlikely that he’s going to get another chance to lead a major franchise on the big screen, but he could be right at home on Netflix, especially in an already established franchise.

Who Should Play Iron Fist?

Alex Pettyfer

Perhaps the most physically similar to Iron Fist of all these suggestions, Alex Pettyfer also seems to have a lot of free time at the moment (his IMDB is looking a little bare). He doesn’t have a lot of experience in action roles, but Iron Fist wears a mask so there are ways round that.

Who Should Play Iron Fist?

Shia LaBeouf

Is this a joke suggestion? I love Shia LaBeouf, and he is an excellent actor (and one unlikely to land a major superhero property), but if he was able to hold it together this could just work. No? Ok…

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Who do you think should play Iron Fist? Do you like any of these suggestions? Share any thoughts in the comments.

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