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It was recently announced that Rupert Wyatt, who was formerly signed on to direct the upcoming X-Men universe film Gambit has had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. This is probably true  (and not just a cover story) as the production has been moved back a number of weeks. Here at Third Act Film we love superhero films, and we love speculation, so naturally we’ve put together a list of who we think could, and maybe should replace Rupert Wyatt to direct Gambit.

Who Should Direct Gambit?

Darren Aronofsky

This would be a dream come true. Aronofsky has made some brilliant and creative films over the last fifteen years, which are all visually spectacular, and he could really do some great things with different mutant powers. He’s also flirted with this universe before, having once been attached to direct The Wolverine, AND he and Channing Tatum (who’s playing Gambit) have wanted to work together for some time. Seems a good choice.

Who Should Direct Gambit?

Cary Fukunaga

Having directed the first season of True Detective, Cary Fukunaga knows how to create atmosphere. He also directed the upcoming Beasts of No Nation, and if that’s as good as it looks like it’s going to be, then he certainly knows how to create drama. These are both things Gambit could do with, so this seems like a good fit.

Who Should Direct Gambit?

F. Gary Gray

Having most recently directed Straight Outta ComptonF. Gary Gray has been working for a long time, and has a couple of fun action films in his filmography. Even though he’s never made anything on this scale, we’ve seen a lot of directors recently take on big properties with a lot of success.

Who Should Direct Gambit?

David Nutter

One of the most successful TV directors of all time, he would no doubt be a little cheaper than some of the other names on this list, and considering Gambit’s budget is reportedly much larger than it should be, this might be a good thing. The only small issue is that he’s worked on a lot of DC comics TV adaptations, so he might not want to make the jump.

Who Should Direct Gambit?

Sam Mendes

The director that took Bond into billion dollar territory, Sam Mendes has a lot of great directing and producing credits in his filmography. Not too many action films in there, but having two Bond films as his most recent credits should clear up that issue.

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Who would you like to see direct Gambit? What do you think of our choices? Share any thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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