Doesn’t ‘Phase’ just sound cool.

With Ant-Man being released this week, it brings an end to the hugely mega successful ‘Phase 2’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This got me thinking (dangerous, I know), what was the best out of all the ‘Phase 2’ films? Considering that I’ve seen them all 500 times each (no, you’re the nerd!), I think I’m somewhat qualified to share my opinion.

Firstly, the contenders!

What Has Been The Best Marvel Phase 2 Film?

Iron Man 3

Maybe the most hated by the hardcore fans, Iron man 3. This is due to the writers turning the biggest Iron Man villain into a silly twist. I can see why certain people may feel that way, but I’ve got a confession. I liked Iron Man 3, quite a bit actually. It was loads of fun and had a zillion Iron Man suits flying around. Yes, the actual villain of this wasn’t too great and they did waste the Mandarin, but I had a great time.

Not everyone at Third Act is as enthuastic as me about Iron Man 3 as it made our list of worst endings

What Has Been The Best Marvel Phase 2 Film?

Thor: The Dark World

Another Marmite film that has audiences split is the second outing from Thor. The issue I had with this I can express in a few questions: Who was the villain? What was his objective? Marvel never quite hit the mark when it comes to villains, but Malekieth was the worst of the worst. He was pointless and the film suffered for it.

What Has Been The Best Marvel Phase 2 Film?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yes! This was the big one. With two shaky films in Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, we got this stunner made of pure movie magic. A spy thriller that happened to have a superhero in the midst of it, an attempt to challenge actual concerns us modern-folk are dealing with, and it had a great villain (sort of). The Winter Soldier was, for me, the best part of this film. When you inevitably re-watch this, take note as to how many times the Winter Soldier was defeated. None, pretty much. Everyone was terrified of him as he was an unstoppable force. He barely ran, but was always just behind the protagonists; breathing down their necks.

Winter Soldier had one of our favourite action scenes of last year

What Has Been The Best Marvel Phase 2 Film?

Guardians of the Galaxy

The film that launched Chris Pratt’s career. People were sceptical about this film before it’s release. A small-time director with a relative unknown as the lead actor, how could this possibly work? But it did. Oh boy, it did. With a phenomenal soundtrack, great action and some of the funniest moment in cinema history, this is one of the strongest out of all of the Marvel films to date.

Guardians featured in many of our favourites of last year

What Has Been The Best Marvel Phase 2 Film?

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Seeing the ol’ gang reunited, back at it again, doing that ol’ avenging lark was great. The best moments were probably the down periods when the Avengers were just socializing together. With high expectations, I felt this film delivered. It had to be a sequel to 200 films and a prequel to 500 more, the pressure on this film to be anything other than perfect was immense. If you take amount-earned as an indicator as how much fans enjoyed a movie, then Ultron‘s over $1 Billion earnings is a strong sign that people liked it. However, this isn’t always the case (looking at you Transformers).

With the total of over $1 Billion will it be enough to beat Star Wars?

What Has Been The Best Marvel Phase 2 Film?


The most recent to join the party, the not-so-little Ant-Man film was great fun. Surprisingly refreshing to get a sort-of origin story, as the Marvel-verse is starting to come down with a case of sequalities. Great fun and a great way to end a pretty solid ‘Phase’ (it still sounds cool to say).

We were pretty excited before seeing this film anyway

And the winner is…

After much deliberation, the order I felt each Phase 2 film place:

  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  2. Captain America: Winter Soilder
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy
  4. Ant-Man
  5. Iron Man 3
  6. Thor: The Dark World

What do you guys think? We’ve made a poll for you guys to vote in about what your favourite of Phase 2 is. Share in the comments the order you’d put the films in.