apologies to the makers of this film, but I’m not one of your friends. Although that’s probably a good thing to be fair.

We Are Your Friends follows super attractive and ‘super talented’ DJ Cole Carter (actually played very well by Zac Efron), and his three horrible friends, as they try to make a living and make it big, by choosing between a white-collar criminal boss, and an alcoholic older DJ who cheats on his stupidly attractive, much younger girlfriend, who’s also his personal assistant (who I think is also unpaid for her work?). Does that sounds good to you? Well for some reason it did to me.

I just had a feeling about this film, that it was going to be good. Maybe it was the cast (I am a big fan of Effron, and Jon Bernthal is usually good too), or maybe it was the thought of a DJ film providing a new angle to the ‘young talented sportsman/musician/artist faces terrible odds and has to discover who they are in order to truly make it’ genre. It’s safe to say I was disappointed.

As I’ve already alluded to, this film has no likable characters, which is a big problem. They really did try to make Cole Carter an interesting and multi layered character, but what motivates him and the way acts in certain situations make it a real struggle to get behind him. He’s somebody who wants to do no work, but get all the rewards.

We Are Your Friends Review
They tried everything to get me to like this film

The real issue this film faces is that it is the cinematic equivalent of MTV, which isn’t a surprise when you consider the talent involved. It’s directed by Max Joseph, who got famous being the camera man on Catfish: The TV Show. This film is bright and colourful, but it has absolutely no substance. Don’t get me wrong, MTV is good for some things, and I even like some of the shows they make, but spending an hour and a half watching a film that promotes the MTV mindset is not time well spent. That’s the other thing, this film is barely over an hour and a half, but I felt like I was sitting there for… ever?