Age of Ultron? Check. Winter Solider? Check. Days of Future Past? Check. Marvel has been busy! They’ve managed to convert many of their major stories into films. But what’s missing? Please take a look at a few of our suggestions for future Marvel films, to be set in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Fox Studios X-Men/Fantastic Four Universe.

Our Most Wanted Marvel Stories We Want As Films

Todd James’ Suggestion: Siege

Anyone who’s read Siege will know that this couldn’t be a straight adaptation, because it heavily features characters that Marvel Studios don’t have the rights to. Having said that, none of the films have really been straight adaptations, so it’s not so much of an issue. I’m going to give a brief synopsis of Siege, so potential spoilers for anybody who hasn’t read the comics.

Following the events of Ragnarok (which coincidentally is the title of the next Thor film), Thor goes into a sort of hibernation. Some other stuff happens (including Civil War, ALSO a film on Marvel’s upcoming slate), and when he wakes up, he finds that Asgard is no more. He rebuilds Asgard in the desert in Oklahoma, and bring all of his people to live there. That’s all not part of Siege, it’s just the set up. Now… The government organisation H.A.M.M.E.R, basically the evil version of S.H.I.E.L.D, aren’t too happy about this, so a group of super villains decide they’re going to invade Asgard using the ‘Dark Avengers’, which are more villains posing as Avengers. Captain America finds out about their plan, and gets some of the real Avengers together (you could say he… assembles them) in order to help in the fight.

This film would have some amazing visuals, with the floating island of Asgard in the Oklahoma, a giant battle between super powered beings, and some more things I can’t say without spoiling more. It also heavily features Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Loki, and a bunch of the other most famous characters from the comics and the movies. AND it’s a natural climax to a lot of story threads, as well as easily setting up many more. It’s my personal favourite Marvel story, and I would love to see it on the big screen.

Our Most Wanted Marvel Stories We Want As Films

James Forbes’ Suggestion: Planet Hulk

Let’s do it! Why the heck not! A feature-length film with The Hulk smashing several different alien monsters is a sure-fire-hit.

The story is perfect for film. The Hulk gets sent into outer-space after, doing what The Hulk does best, Hulking out. He then lands on an alien planet who capture The Hulk and force him to fight in gladiator style fights to gain his freedom. He then beats up so many alien monsters that he becomes king, pretty much. After revealing a huge conspiracy of the current leader the people of this planet accept The Hulk as their new leader.

The CGI budget for this film would be insane and is probably why they haven’t made this film already. Here’s hoping by Phase 4 they’ll change their mind!

Our Most Wanted Marvel Stories We Want As Films

Matt Dennis’ Suggestion: Coming Home

With Spider-Man now in the cinematic universe where he truly belongs, it’s time for Marvel and Sony to combine their creative talents and give him a truly epic movie! And what better way to start than with an adaptation of this modern classic, which also serves as a great jumping on point for new Spidey fans, and introduces arguably one of the best modern villains to the Spidey mythos.

2001’s Coming Home saw J.Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr inject new life into the flagging title, renewing focus on Peter Parker’s life out of costume as well as in, cutting down the supporting cast to a bare minimum, and introducing new elements and mysteries surrounding Peter’s origin, whilst also introducing new characters like Ezekiel, a man in possession of spider-abilities similar to Peter’s and secret knowledge regarding those powers.

And then there’s Morlun, an unstoppable vampire-like villain who feeds off of super-powered individuals like Peter. The fight between the two is one of the best fight scenes in any comic-book ever – brutal, awe-inspiring and painful to read in equal parts. It also shows just how brilliant, heroic, funny and pure of heart Peter Parker can be, even when he’s near the point of death itself. To see such a fight unfold on-screen would be amazing, and guaranteed to have movie-goers entranced.

Of course, Marvel and Sony are clearly taking the rebooted franchise in a different direction, shining further light on Peter’s high school years. But the beauty of Straczynski’s phenomenal storyline is that it would work regardless of whether it featured high-school Peter or an older, more experienced and adult version of the character. With Ezekiel involved, therein rests a clever and interesting way of doing the Spider-Man origin without doing the origin (if that makes sense). So let’s ditch the obvious second-tier villains like Mysterio or Vulture, and give Spidey a foe to face that’s a real challenge, one who will show moviegoers just why Spidey is the greatest superhero of all time!

Our Most Wanted Marvel Stories We Want As Films

Ryan Hancock’s Suggestion: Spider-Island

Following on from what Civil War is shaping up to be, if Spider-man was to ever get his own film incorporating many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters, Dan Slott’s 2011 storyline Spider-Island would get my vote. The general gist of it involves the whole of Manhattan developing powers just like our webbed hero and featured the return of The Jackal, perpetrator of the whole Clone Saga fiasco, and a little less well-known villain known as the Spider-Queen.

What really stands out in this story however is that with the whole of Manhattan web-slinging around like Spider-man, Peter Parker is able to take centre stage a little more in the story and there’s opportunity for the as-yet unrevealed actor behind the role to show off his skills as the man behind the mask. Not to mention, who wouldn’t love to see our already established characters in the MCU fumble around trying to control their newly found spider-powers?

Of course, with Marvel Studio’s Spider-man set to feature a younger Peter Parker, some aspects of the storyline will no doubt need to be altered, but they’ve shown thus far that they’re capable of making changes to established storylines in order for them to fit their cinematic timeline, so I’ve no doubt that Spider-Island could one day be able to fit in.


That’s it for our suggestions. What do you think? What is a storyline you’d love to see be turned into a Marvel film? Let us know in the comments below!