‘I can’t wait to see the new Vince Vaughn film’ said nobody. It’s hard to get excited about the prospect of seeing Unfinished Business. The trailers weren’t good. The premise isn’t different or intriguing. Vince Vaughn hasn’t made a good film for ten years. In fact, the main reason I wanted to see this film was the prospect of seeing British character actor Tom Wilkinson in a low-brow comedy.

Unfinished Business Review
Admit it, you want to see it too.

When the film started, it got even worse. The first ten minutes were hard to get through. It’s not just that there weren’t any laughs, I felt like there weren’t any jokes. On top of that, the first half-hour plays out like a family drama, with Mike Trunkman (Vaughn) having a scene with both of his children, and a scene with his wife in which a boring and predictable character arc is set up, the resolution of which you both don’t care about, nor want to see again.

Thankfully, the aforementioned Tom Wilkinson shows up, alongside this film’s saving grace, Dave Franco. Any and all of the good moments in Unfinished Business come from one of these two, whether it’s Franco being unable to pronounce words properly, or Wilkinson ordering a ‘sex maid’ for his hotel room. There are a few other actors who appear in this, that I know from previous films that are capable of bringing a lot to the table, even in small roles, but both Nick Frost and James Marsden fail to add anything.

Unfinished Business Review
How was a film that featured this scene not hilarious?

It’s hard to put any of the blame on them though, as this film’s real under-performer is the writer. You need one of two things to make a comedy work. You can either have a premise that’s funny, so the laughs naturally just happen, or you have funny characters or well written scenes. You can probably guess what I’m about to say. Unfinished Business doesn’t have either. The film’s poor attempt at providing an emotional punch also falls very short, meaning there’s really very little to recommend about this film. Oh, I also have to mention the fact that I don’t think any of this film was shot on location, which wouldn’t be a problem if the green screen was so bad that simply leaving it as an entirely luminous green background would have been less distracting.