James Franco and Jonah Hill starring in a film together? Sounds like a laugh! It’s the story of a disgraced journalist and a man being accused of murdering his wife and children? Ok…

It’s strange to look at these two and realise that they’re both Oscar nominated actors, but they do both have good bodies of work. Once you get past the initial thought of the comedy these actors have built their careers on, you start to understand where the idea behind casting the two of them together came from. Performances like Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street and James Franco in 127 Hours are genuinely good. Not good for comedians, legitimately good. So thinking about it like that, this film has a lot of potential, right?

True Story Review
James Franco’s face whilst reading the True Story script

Right. A looooooot of potential that is, unfortunately, wasted. This is a very interesting true story (HA!) that I knew nothing about, and watching it there were some shocking moments, and yet it failed to effect me in any way. This is probably something that I shouldn’t admit, but at one point, I fell asleep. It was only for around ten minutes, and the worst part? I didn’t miss anything. In fact, I think taking ten minutes off the run time of this film might have even helped.

So the acting is pretty good (I have to also mention Felicity Jones, who brings another dimension and perspective to the story), and the story is intriguing, so I’m not quite sure where to place the blame for this film’s shortcomings. I suppose it would have to fall on the director, Rupert Goold, or maybe it’s the fact that this story feels like it should be a documentary. If you already know this story, I feel like there’s not a lot this film can offer you, but if you, like me, are completely unaware of the events being depicted here, you might want to give it a chance.