It was recently confirmed that one of the upcoming Star Wars Story films (previous known as Star Wars Anthology films) is going to be based on the fan favourite character, Boba Fett. While this has been rumoured for a while, the confirmation has inspired the writers here at Third Act Film to share our top 5 Boba Fett film ideas!

Very minor spoilers ahead for The Force Awakens, but literally everybody on earth has already seen it, so why haven’t you!?

Top 5 Boba Fett Film Ideas

1) Legacy Hero

Some people want to pretend that the prequels aren’t real Star Wars, and what better way to Days of Future Past what they did to the character there out of existence than to have him killed early in the film, and have multiple excellent actors play the role throughout? This would be a good way to get some great talent involved, as it would be less work for each of them, and it means there are now endless opportunities for sequels, and literally any actor alive could be in contention for the role! Peter Dinklage for Boba Fett!

Top 5 Boba Fett Film Ideas

2) The Missing Years

At the other end of the spectrum, the film could embrace the story presented to us in the prequels. This idea could go very psychological, as he could question what kind of existence it is to be a clone. He could have encountered and even kill multiple versions of himself, which could explain how he became the most emotionless killer in the galaxy.

Top 5 Boba Fett Film Ideas

3) The Prequel Awakens

One of the rumours surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is that the character Max von Sydow plays (seen in the films opening sequence) is an older Boba Fett. This idea would follow him from the time he escaped the Sarlacc pit, and show us what happened to turn him into an ally of the rebellion / resistance, and become a trusted friend of Luke Skywalker. Either that or even as an old man he’s awesome enough to steal something as important as a map to his location.

Top 5 Boba Fett Film Ideas

4) Get Dirty

Something a lot of fans love about the original Star Wars films is that the universe presented wasn’t squeaky clean, and was in fact dirty and horrible. What better way to explore the less pleasant side of the universe than by following one of the less pleasant people in it? This film could be a crime epic, perhaps with him working for (or against?) Jabba the Hutt, and the setup could be almost anything. Space bank heist, transportation of space contraband, space drug dealing, if you can put space in the title, it can be done.

Top 5 Boba Fett Film Ideas

5) And Now for Something Completely Different

Why link this film to any of the films that have come before? I’m not saying this should be a romantic comedy, or a black and white silent film, but what makes this such a unique opportunity is that we barely know anything about Boba Fett. It could also be set in almost any time period, with various incarnations of the character having been alive since before Episode I, and potentially up until present day, or at least a long time ago…

What’s your favourite idea for a Boba Fett stand alone film? Do you like any of the ideas presented here? Share any thoughts in the comments.