It’s almost upon us, the final Marvel film of the year! Doctor Strange is due for release October 25th in the UK. Can they do it again? Are we in store for another blinder? Well, for me, if they feature these 5 things I’ll be quite content indeed.

5 Things We Want To See In Doctor Strange

#1 – The Mystic Realm

We’ve been to outer space in Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve been to the sub-atomic world in Ant-Man, now, we will get the chance to see the mystic realm.

What I want to see the most, is a world that doesn’t fully make sense, but makes sense in its own world. I want the use of magic to cost the character in something and for it not to be easy for anyone to rip 100 spells in seconds.

Take me there!

5 Things We Want To See In Doctor Strange

#2 – A Mention of the MCU

Although this is an origin and, hopefully, we’re seeing a totally different side to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I still want it to feel grounded in that bigger world.

We know we’re going to get some easter eggs, what I want are casual mentions of the events happening from all areas of the MCU, including what the Avengers have got up and also mentions of the Netflix heroes.

5 Things We Want To See In Doctor Strange

#3 – Where Have They Been?

It’s going to be tough in the future for Marvel to introduce heroes that have already been around, especially if they live in America.

What I want to be explained is where The Ancient One and her pupils have been this whole time. Where were they when aliens invaded? Where were they when robots almost destroyed the planet?

A good explanation for this would put my mind to rest and let me fall deeper into the overall narrative of the MCU.

5 Things We Want To See In Doctor Strange

#4 – Where Doctor Strange Will Fit In

All the Marvel heroes have had similar origin storylines: a man who thinks he’s the greatest at something and has everything loses everything and the things that gave him power. They spend time alone and find themselves and release their power was within all along! Think Iron Man and Thor.

Doctor Strange is seemingly shaping up to be the same. What I want to see is how Doctor Strange differs, how is he different than Tony Stark for instances.

More importantly, where will Doctor Strange fit in with the Avengers, will he be more of a leader? Or will he operate better on the sidelines?

5 Things We Want To See In Doctor Strange

#5 – A Good Villain

Villains have been Marvel’s weak point, however, I feel in recent movies they’ve gotten better. I believe Zemo was one of the best villains to date from the MCU.

Typically Marvel defaults to a mirrored image of the hero to create the villain. Obadiah Stane and Tony Stark, Red Skull and Captain America.

What I want is a relatable villain that has bigger motives than simply bringing down the protagonist.

I’m sure Marvel will deliver on these points. As it gets closer, I get more excited. In Marvel we trust.

What do you want to see in Doctor Strange?