Lightsabers are one of the things people love most about Star Wars, and it’s easy to see why. They combine swords with lasers, which is perhaps the best most obvious blend of sci-fi and fantasy in the series. Lightsaber fights make up some of the best moments in the beloved franchise, so we’ve put together a list of what we believe are the top 5 lightsaber fights in Star Wars. Just a quick note, we’re going live action only, so even though it’s spectacular you won’t see Anakin Skywalker vs Asajj Ventress from The Clone Wars tv series on this list.

The Top 5 Lightsaber Fights in Star Wars

5 – Luke vs Darth Vader (Episode VI)

This fight saw Luke take on Darth Vader for the second time, but finally as a true Jedi. The choreography here is nothing particularly special, but it’s the drama that earns this fight a spot on the list.

The Top 5 Lightsaber Fights in Star Wars

4 – Luke vs Darth Vader (Episode V)

One again not the most interesting choreography in the franchise, but this fight has one big thing going for it – the biggest twist in cinema history. It was also the first proper showdown between the main character and the big bad, which is always a moment people look forward to.

The Top 5 Lightsaber Fights in Star Wars

3 – Qui Gon & Obi Wan vs Darth Maul (Episode I)

The first time audiences really got to see Jedi and Sith battling it out at the height of their powers. This fight had all three characters really going for it, and it featured a doubled sided lightsaber! It has been criticised for having the fighters aim more for each other’s swords than their bodies, but it’s still a great fight.

The Top 5 Lightsaber Fights in Star Wars

2 – Obi Wan vs Anakin (Episode III)

The climax of all six films (sort of), and the moment most people had been waiting for since the opening crawl of The Phantom Menace. Some people think it’s too long, some people think it’s too CGI heavy, but most people will agree it’s a spectacular showdown.

The Top 5 Lightsaber Fights in Star Wars

1 – Obi Wan vs Darth Vader (Episode IV)

The first real lightsaber fight of the franchise, this is the one that started it all. Out of context, this fight is mediocre at best, but as a part of the film, the universe, and the overarching plot of the franchise, nothing is more dramatic than two old frenemies having one final showdown.

What’s your favourite lightsaber fight in Star Wars? Share any thoughts in the comments.