The thought of a modern fantasy adventure starring Vin Diesel and featuring Michael ‘pay check’ Caine is enough to put a lot of people off. In fact, the majority of recent fantasy adventure films have been received pretty poorly by audiences and critics alike. That being said, Diesel is the star of one the biggest films (and franchises) of all time in the form of Furious 7, and at least some of the credit has to go to him. It was after all his name that brought people back to the fourth installment, so if there’s anybody that can be the star of a new franchise, it’s The Rock… I mean Vin Diesel.

The Last Witch Hunter follows Kaulder (Vin Diesel), a warrior who is ‘cursed’ with immortality by the Witch Queen. In present day, he uses his abilities to fight for ‘The Axe and Cross’, who continue to wage war against witches. Along the way he assembles a team, including Dolan (Elijah Wood), and Chloe (Rose Leslie), who’s one of the good witches.

The Last Witch Hunter Review
Me and Vin are beard bros

First and foremost, there were some really good uses and depictions of magic in this film. In both the action sequences and at times simply to advance the plot, characters use magic in interesting ways, and more importantly in ways that I haven’t seen before. The design choices are brilliant across the board, and I frequently found myself simply enjoying the incredibly unique design choices.

The other side of The Last Witch Hunter is, rather ironically, how run of the mill a lot of this film is. Apart from the visuals, the majority of the film has been done before. The plot feels familiar, the ‘twists’ that happen are as predictable as there being credits, and some of the lines are painfully cheesy. Even with that being said, all of these things are fun, eye rolling moments that add to the silliness of the film.