The Hateful Eight is now showing, words that a little over a year ago Tarantino fans feared we would never be saying. After a leaked script, a cancellation, an angry Tarantino, and finally a leaked DVD copy online we finally have the chance to see this movie in theatres… and let me tell you it’s worth it.

The Hateful Eight Review
Top left to bottom right respectively: Kurt Russell, Samuel L Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern and Demián Bichir

It hardly needs to be said but the cast is impeccable. Tim Roth, Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell deliver memorable performances worthy of their star status. I won’t ramble on about the cast too much as every single character is played to perfection and I’ll get tired of the sound of my own voice, however I would like to highlight my personal favourite cast member: Jennifer Jason Leigh who stars as Daisy Domergue the murderous outlaw being taken to her death. She is consistently unsettling, creepy, yet she still manages to make you laugh, hell even like her at times, the pure embodiment of a great antagonist.

The Hateful Eight Review

One can imagine that this film will not be as popular as some of his other work and it is no stretch to say that you will probably hear the word “slow” thrown around quite a lot by the less imaginative… but if you do happen across any such comments, don’t listen and please remember: This film makes conscious decisions about building tension, the long shots, having credits at the beginning, and not to forget it has EIGHT main characters, all of whom are interesting and well-developed and that takes three hours. If it were shorter it would feel rushed.

Do you have the attention span for a three-hour movie? – Ask yourself, are you a Tarantino fan? Did you like Reservoir Dogs? Django Unchained? If you did then trust me you have it in you.