Blah blah, found-footage horror has had its day, blah blah, modern horror is all jump scares and gore, blah blah blah. Alright, now that’s out-of-the-way, I’m going to treat this film like a film, and not the latest in a long line of generally disliked films, and you know what? The Gallows is actually a good horror film.

Yes, I can’t deny the fact that there are some horror tropes here. An attractive bunch of young stereotypes making bad decision throughout. Buildings laid out in a way that just makes no sense, unless being used for maximum scares. People continuing to film with a handheld camera long after it’s stopped being practical. Generally things happening, and people acting in ways that just wouldn’t happen.

The Gallows Review

Even with all of those things chalked up on the complaints pile, I couldn’t help but feel like The Gallows is one of the better horror films in recent years. While it does take a while to get into the scary section of the film (which isn’t really alright considering this film is only 81 minutes long with credits), once it starts, it rarely lets up. There are some good surprises too, both in the plot and where the scares come from.

You won’t hear me say this often about a horror film, but I would love to see a sequel to The Gallows. Not wanting to ruin anything, it definitely feels like the work has been put in to set up some mythology, and I can only hope enough people agree with me on this one. Even if you’re not big on found-footage, give this one a chance.