Suicide Squad is coming out soon, and people are talking already about the possibilities of spin-offs. I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the options they may want to take in terms of a spin-off movie. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Put Money on it

6 Spin-Off Ideas For Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn – She’s a fan favourite, appearing in her first live-action movie performance. The lover to the Joker and pain in the neck for Batman. I could see a spin-off for Harley if the actress, Margot Robbie, does her justice.

A solo Harley Quinn film could feature Batman and it could feature the Joker. It could also open the doors to other characters such as those that form the team Birds of Prey.

6 Spin-Off Ideas For Suicide Squad

Deadshot – My main reasoning behind this is one man, Will Smith. I believe that Will Smith is attempting to resurge his career, he’s taken on a popular movie trend, comic-book movies, and I don’t see him simply doing one and gone.

If he doesn’t get his own film, I can see him instead being the main villain in a future Batman solo movie.

These Could Happen

6 Spin-Off Ideas For Suicide Squad

Captain Boomerang/Rogues – I hope, I really truly hope, that Jai Courtney kills this role. He has never had a real chance to show any personality in any of his previous roles. He has mainly played the bland leading male type role. Captain Boomerang gives him a chance to shine.

If he does well, I don’t necessarily see him getting a standalone film but perhaps heading a new team of Rogues. A Rogues film could create more connective tissue between the properties and allow audiences to get a bearing on the new team, with them knowing at least one character already.

6 Spin-Off Ideas For Suicide Squad

The Joker – The clown prince of crime. Could he have his own film? The opening to The Dark Knight, one of my favourite openings, had the Heath Ledger Joker mixed up in a heist he perfectly orchestrated.

Perhaps a film with the villains perspective would be inventive and interesting. We get a chance to understand the mundane and the extreme parts of his life. Although, saying that I feel it may take away the mystery and the thrill we get whenever the Joker is mentioned. Perhaps a better idea is to show The Joker through the perspective of somebody else, a new recruit to his cause perhaps.

Probably Not…

6 Spin-Off Ideas For Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller – I believe, for general audiences, Amanda Waller will be somewhat of a surprise. Her “doing the wrong thing for the right reasons” mentality, I believe, is her biggest appeal. A film whereby we get a chance to see Amanda Waller making those grey decisions in the effort of completing a task could be quite exciting.

If she had a new Suicide Squad team with less-known heroes, we could spend the time with her mostly making tough calls and understanding the consequences of what she does and the impact that it has. Although, saying that, probably quite a stretch.

6 Spin-Off Ideas For Suicide Squad

A New Suicide Squad – Perhaps the spice needed to keep DC fresh is to play to their biggest strength, their villains. DC has always had the better villains, if they were to do a new team of villains every so often, we could get exposure to some more of the talented rogue gallery.

Imagine a team led by Catwoman with King Shark, Killer Frost, Mirror Master and Black Spider.

There you have, those are my suggestions for a spin-off Suicide Squad film. Which idea would you most like to see? Please vote in our poll.

Which is your favourite idea?

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