Sleeping with Other People is trickling through our theatres here in the UK, however “In a theatre near you” might be an overstatement, so if you plan to catch the new Leslye Headland picture you should do it soon because this limited release will be out of the big screen faster than you can say “Is that Alison Brie film out yet?”

What makes us want to see a film like Sleeping With Other People? Are we attracted to Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis? Did we see Pretty in Pink and decide Rom-Com’s are worth giving a go? Are we just after a cheap laugh?

Sleeping With Other People Review

Sadly this is a hard question to answer and the worst thing is that the movie seems confused about the target audience its self. Not only this but its characters story arcs are just messy, more specifically that of Jason Sudeikis who portrays, frankly, a very dis-likeable womanising sleaze, there are even recurring incidents of the character implying that vulnerability is one of the main things he looks for in a woman. Normally this is fine because it gives him something to work toward for the end and that is set up spectacularly. My issue with this does not lie in its offensive nature, as I mentioned you need to start low and work up, but in the fact that he does not advance as a character at all from this point ruining a promising relationship for his almost unhealthy attraction to a sex addict (Alison Brie).

On that point there is a very interesting topic presented that we are seeing pop up occasionally in cinema at the moment which is sex addiction. From a female perspective and it’s even teased from a male perspective too, unfortunately it falls into the ditch that is: The female is considered a sociopath and the male is considered normal. Toward the climax there is a romantic moment that ends in nothing more than them sleeping next to each other after declaring their love, this would have been a fitting ending, unfortunately the film continues and ends instead on the poster couple agreeing to run home and have sex or as they most eloquently phrase it: “F**k” leaving the entire point hollow.