This week in Rumour Patrol we discuss whether Spider-Man should stay as a white Peter Parker, if Spielberg should be allowed back to the Indiana Jones saga and Star Wars spinoff rumours.

In Rumour Patrol we look at the biggest rumours from the previous seven days and comment on whether we doubt or hope they are true.

Firstly, let’s take a look at previous rumours which have now been confirmed or bogus.

Neill Blomkamp to make new Alien film: Confirmed

On Neilll Blomkamp’s instagram account he announced the rumours are true and that he will be directing a new Alien film. We hoped this was true and now it has been confirmed.


Rumour Patrol: A Non-White Spider-Man?

Next Spider-Man won’t be white?


According to the podcast Meet The Movie Press, it is a big possibility that the new Spider-Man film will feature a Black Spider-Man and not the conventional white and nerdy Peter Parker. By 2017, 3 actors would have played Spider-Man. Let’s shake things up and provide a clear difference between the Sony Spider-Man and a Marvel Spider-Man. It will also address a lot of the diversity in Hollywood concerns that many fans have.

Rumour Patrol: A Non-White Spider-Man?

Steven Spielberg interested in directing Chris Pratt led ‘Indiana Jones’ movie


At the top of the rumour mill in the past couple of weeks is that Chris Pratt will lead the rebooted Indiana Jones series. Now, a new rumour is in circulation that Steven Spielberg is game. This would be excellent if both become a reality.

Rumour Patrol: A Non-White Spider-Man?

Star Wars’ Han Solo spinoff to star ‘Kingsman’ lead


We loved Kingsman: The Secret Service, and so did many others. Thanks to the success of Kingsman, the lead actor Taron Egerton has got a lot of attention. We’ve even considered him to play the new Spider-Man. For me, I haven’t seen him in enough performances outside of Kingsman to judge whether he could lead a Star Wars spinoff. What he was good at was the action and the fighting sequences, so he has that in check. But does Taron have the charm that a younger Han Solo would?

Rumour Patrol: A Non-White Spider-Man?

Fifty Shades of Grey’ author wants to write the film sequel


This is a bad idea. The film wasn’t great, without her support, but was still better than her book. Having the writer E.L. James write the sequel would be going backwards. Leave it to the professional and allow them to spit out another average date movie.


That’s it for this week. What do you guys think? Are you excited for any of these rumours?