Why doesn’t this show have more fans? I don’t know anybody else who watches Ray Donovan (apart from my mum), and I can’t figure out why. Every year I think ‘next season will be the one that everyone watches’, and every year I’m disappointed. Something I’m not disappointed by however is the ever-increasing quality of the show itself.

Ray Donovan is the story of… Ray Donovan, a man some people refer to as a ‘fixer’, who lives in Los Angeles and helps rich people ‘deal’ with their problems. He is of course the best in the business at doing this, but he’s also completely incapable of sorting out his own problems. This is the third seasons, so by this time, as with most shows, almost every character has their own sub-plot. Normally in shows these vary in quality, but Ray Donovan manages to keep every character interesting. I hated watching some of these plot threads play out, but only because they’re so well written that I didn’t want to see the drama play out.

Ray Donovan Season 3 Review

This really is the show’s biggest selling point – the incredibly tense drama. After almost every episode I was unhappy, and had no idea how things could possibly resolve themselves. This Cliff hanger / multi thread story device has rarely been executed as well as it is in season 3 of Ray Donovan, and even on this small-scale the drama always feels high.

Something that needs mentioning is the excellent ensemble cast. Even the younger actors that were cast when they were still children have grown into good actors, but the real stand-outs of the show are Liev Schreiber, who plays the title character, Paula Malcomson, who plays his long-suffering wife Abby, Eddie Marsan, who plays Ray’s brother Terry, a former boxer with Parkinson’s, and perhaps best of all Jon Voight, the sleazy patriarch of the Donovan family, Mickey. There are plenty of other actors I could mention, but I would be here all day if I complimented every one I thought deserved it.

Ray Donovan Season 3 Review
Don’t do it Ray!

The third series of the show introduces the incredibly wealthy Finney family, most notably Paige Finney (Katie Holmes) and Andrew Finney (Ian McShane), who employ Ray to work for them and exclusively sort out their issues. This brought a new angle to the show that we hadn’t seen before, but it was one of the returning characters who was the real highlight. I won’t mention who it is as it was a nice surprise for me when they turned up.