A good time-travel film is hard to come by. When I heard there was going to be a found-footage time-travel film, it really got my attention, as I’m such a big fan of the genre. There was potential for this movie to be amazing however, sadly, it failed to deliver.

This is by no means an outright bad film, it’s just a predictable film. Sometimes, it’s painfully predictable and you feel as though the storyline was written by teenagers. We follow a group of high-schoolers as they create a time-machine. What is the purpose of their first big time-jump to the past? They go to a music festival they had all missed. They win the lottery and attempt to gain popularity at school. Mediocre and materialistic attempts of harnessing time-travel for personal gain, yes.

Project Almanac Review
Stop! Don’t shoot the lead character of this story!

Just as the film delves into deeper emotional manipulation of time the film starts to wrap up. What would happen if you knew exactly what to say to make someone fall in love with you? What would happen if you could stop certain negative events from happening? These questions get two-minute scenes dedicated to them, whilst the characters having a good time at a music festival takes up the majority of the film.

Project Almanac Review
Thanks to XBOX ONE we were able to build this time machine! Thanks Microsoft! $$$

This film is more disappointing than bad as the logic it builds for itself makes sense, for the most part. Ignoring some plot-holes, it seemingly works at explaining time-travel and a time-travelling device. And yes, you can argue that the film does exactly what teenagers would do with the ability to go back in time. But the time taken to look into deeper issues surrounding the misuse of time-travel were only lightly touched upon to make up more time for one of the characters to pass a school assessment.