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The next film in the X-Men franchise is going to be X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016, and the cast is growing very quickly. The title is referring to long-term villain of the X-Men Apocalypse (real name En Sabah Nur), who has been a mutant since the days of ancient Egypt, and is set to be played by Third Act favourite Oscar Isaac. Anyone who knows anything about Apocalypse knows that he is very closely linked to the X-Man Cable, who strangely enough is yet to be cast, but will more than likely be appearing in the upcoming film.

To cut a long and complicated character short, Cable is a tall, ripped, older man, who is the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey, who time travelled to present day from 2000 years in the future, and is infected with a techno organic virus which slowly transforms his body into metal. That’s more or less everything you need to know for now.

So we’re looking for a big guy, slightly older (but this can be fudged), who can convincingly play a grumpy time traveller, so having a proven record of good work is a plus. They should also be able to do action scenes, and hopefully be up for appearing in multiple films. Let the speculation begin!


Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Adam Baldwin

Known for: Serenity, Independence Day

He’s a dominant physical presence, and a convincing tough guy. He looks the part and he basically played Cable in Serenity anyway! He has fan boy support from his previous work and is generally a good choice all round.

Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Stephen Lang

Known for: Avatar, Conan the Barbarian

This guy really looks the part. He played a tough guy in Avatar, so we know he could pull it off. Also, after checking out his IMDB page, you’ll see he’s been solidly working since the early 80’s. The only potential problem is that he’s signed up to shoot Avatar 2, 3 and in the near future, which could get in the way of filming any X-Men films.

Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Ron Perlman

Known for: Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy

Cable is the role he was born to play. He was also born to play Hellboy, which he did twice around ten years ago. The only potential problem is that he could be too old. Had he been cast around the same time he was playing Hellboy this might have been perfect, and while he’s still physically intimidating, I can only see him being Cable for one film at most.

Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Clint Eastwood

Known for: Gran Torino, generally being a cowboy 

This won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? Admittedly I would prefer to see Eastwood playing Wolverine in an Old Man Logan film, but if he was cast in this role I would have no problem with it. Also, Clint might just be one of the few actors who would turn down a major franchise like this.

Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Known For: Watchmen, Extant

He’s already played an angry, gun-toting comic book character in Watchmen, so why not do it again? He looks the part, he can act the part, and he’s not the busiest actor on this list.

Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Dennis Haysbert

Known For: 24, The Unit

Mainly a TV actor, Haysbert has both the acting talent and the physique to play the role. Obviously the writers would have to stray from the source material for this choice, but he would no doubt still do a great job in the role.

Who Should Play Cable in X-Men?

Joe Manganiello

Known For: True Blood, Magic Mike

Definitely a female friendly choice, Manganiello is just waiting to be cast as a superhero. He can be very physically intimidating, but is perhaps a little bit too young. It’s a miracle what hair dye can do…

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So those are some of our picks, but who do you think should play Cable should they choose to include the character? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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