Continuing our series of 2015’s best and worst, we are topping it up with our top 5 scenes from the year. We’ve been ever-so nice and embedded the movie clips from each scene, to the best of our abilities, as not all clips were available. We’ve also split each writer’s submissions to different pages so that your PC doesn’t explode.

Todd James

1. Motorbike Chase – Mad Max: Fury Road

2. You Wanna Go? – Tomorrowland (Making of provided in place of scene)

3. Have You Come to Kill Me Peter? – Pan (The third clip – starting at 1:45)

4. Snowy Opening – Avengers: Age of Ultron

5. Cheetos and Water – Magic Mike XXL

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Chris Elliott

1. The last 10 minutes of the film where I forgot to breathe – Whiplash

2. The Big Crunch – The Theory of Everything

3. Church fight scene – Kingsman: The Secret Service

4. Feminism done right – Mad Max: Fury Road

5. Running away – The Tale of Princess Kaguya

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Matt Dennis

1. Avengers Assemble! – Avengers: Age of Ultron

2. A paranoid schizophrenic walks into a Bar – Legend

3. Bing Bong’s sacrifice – Inside Out

4. T-Rex emerges – Jurassic World

5. Thomas’ Cameo – Ant-Man

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Michael Reffold

1. One letter at a time – The Theory of Everything.

2. “You automatically think it could be him.” – London Road.

3. Snakes on a plane – Wild Tales.

4. I’ll follow you all the way down – The Falling.

5. THIS. IS. SCOTLAND! – Macbeth.

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James Forbes

1. Bridge – Sicario

2. Bike Chase – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

3. Murder On The Dancefloor – Ex Machina

4. JOHN CENA! – Trainwreck

5. House Scene – John Wick

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Amy Biss

1. This is my Family – The Good Dinosaur

2. Girl! Girl! Girl! – Inside Out

3. Manners Maketh Man – Kingsman: The Secret Service

4. Feeling Deflated – Big Hero 6

5. Saying Goodbye – Fast and Furious 7


That’s our picks for the best scenes of the year, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below.