This week we have some Star Wars announcements, news about Kevin Smith newest projects, a new biopic and some Disney news.

In News Roundup we take a look at the top stories from the previous seven days and feature some of the week’s latest trailers.

News Roundup: A Sequel To Clerks And Mallrats?

Star Wars spinoff film to be called Rogue One, Rian Johnson to write and direct Star Wars Episode VIII

We don’t really know what the title means, but it could be related to Rogue Squadron. Only time will tell, but we’re excited. Staring Felicity Jones and being directed by Godzilla director Gareth Evans the film is due for release December 16th 2016.

Then, a short time afterwards we get the next episode in the saga being passed on from J.J. Abrams to Looper director Rian Jonson who will write and direct Episode VIII. This film is due for a May 26th 2017 release. This is to mark the 40th anniversary of the fantastic series (although it is one day off).

If they decide to do another spinoff in December of 2017 then we could have 2 Star Wars films a year!

News Roundup: A Sequel To Clerks And Mallrats?

Kevin Smith announces Clerks III in the works and Mallrats 2 to follow

He had troubles in the past getting backing but that is all old news as Kevin Smith gets to move forward with a Clerks III.

News Roundup: A Sequel To Clerks And Mallrats?

Martin Scorsese and Jamie Foxx team-up for Mike Tyson biopic

Martin Scorsese first boxing movie since Raging Bull. This is going to be great, Mike Tyson has had an incredible life and it needs to be told.

News Roundup: A Sequel To Clerks And Mallrats?

Josh Gad to play LeFou in Beauty and The Beast

Although Jack Black was our dream casting for this role and we wanted Josh Gad to play Cogsworth, I’m still happy with this arrangement.

News Roundup: A Sequel To Clerks And Mallrats?

Frozen 2 officially announce

The highest grossing animated film and the fifth highest grossing film of all time is getting a sequel! Shock! But yeah, expect new dresses and another iconic song to annoy the generations!


Trailer Roundup

Let’s take a look at some of the trailers released this week.


Okay, the concept sounds amazing. Classic arcade games come to life and attempt to destroy earth. Who can protect us? Peter Dinklage of course.

San Andreas

Yeah. I’m glad I don’t live there! Probably more terrifying because this will eventually happen, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s latest film shows exactly what a Richter scale 9 earthquake would do.

Inside Out

We finally get to see what the plot and storyline of Disney Pixar’s latest sure-fire-hit is. I’m excited for sure.


That’s it for this week’s roundup. What do you think about the Mallrats and Clerks sequels?