Anyone who knows anything about the film industry awards circuit will tell you that it ends with the big one, The Oscars. It’s a slow build over a number of months which ends with the most prestigious awards ceremony. The only thing is, people who tell you that would be wrong. There is one more ceremony that takes place more than a month after the Academy have given out their statues. An awards ceremony that anybody can vote for as long as they’re thirteen years old and living in America. An awards ceremony with categories like Best Kiss, Best Shirtless Performance and the most highly coveted, Best Scared-As-S**t Performance. The MTV Movie Awards.

MTV Movie Awards: An Insult to the Industry? (What’s the Deal?)
Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez who managed to get MTV to put ‘Best Scared-As’ at the start of her award

So you’re probably thinking the same thing most non voters think when they first hear about these awards. This ceremony is a punchline that doesn’t deserve my time. That’s… that’s pretty much spot on, but do they have anything going for them? What do the MTV awards have that others don’t? Let’s start with the most important part, the awards themselves.

I’ve already mentioned three awards, and yes, they are 100% real, and probably have a lot to do with the bad reputation this ceremony carries. Some other low points include ‘Best WTF Moment’ and ‘Best Musical Moment’, which in itself is ok, but the fact that there isn’t an award for score, or even soundtrack but there is one for something an indefinable as a ‘moment’ is just ridiculous. But there are some ‘better’ categories, such as the to be expected ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Male Performance’ and ‘Best Female Performance’. Another award that isn’t particularly unique or worth mentioning is ‘Best Breakthrough Performance’, but I just mentioned it so… yes.

But what about the rest of the categories? There are a few I believe actually have some merit. For example, ‘Best Fight’ might have gone to completely the wrong place (I like The Maze Runner, but those fights were pretty poor compared to The Raid 2, or, you know, most action films that year), but it does reward something a lot of other awards ceremonies don’t touch on. Action and fight choreography. ‘Best Villain’ and ‘Best Hero’ are similar, as in they’re both areas that aren’t often touched on by awards ceremonies.

MTV Movie Awards: An Insult to the Industry? (What’s the Deal?)
Even MTV can’t ignore Meryl

There are also a few awards that recognise parts of acting that otherwise don’t get much attention. ‘Best On-Screen Duo’ rewards actors having chemistry, ‘Comedic Genius Award’ shines a spotlight on comedic performances, ‘Best On-Screen Transformation’ is such a huge part of acting it’s actually good to see it being recognised. Sure, all of these awards went to the wrong person or people, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m glad they exist somewhere at least.

There’s one more award I want to talk about, which is the ‘MTV Generation Award’. This is comparable to ‘Lifetime Achievement’ or something similar, and this year it went to Robert Downey Jr. There are a lot of people who, if they watched the Oscars, would have no idea who they were giving their lifetime award to. So there are some demographics to whom this is much more relevant, unfortunately it’s the same people who want to see Zac Efron being given back to back ‘Best Shirtless Performance’ awards.

MTV Movie Awards: An Insult to the Industry? (What’s the Deal?)
Just look at that performance

Are the MTV Movie Awards good? Not really. Do they have some upsides? Yes. I think a public voted awards ceremony is actually a good idea, it’s just a shame we’re being asked to vote for the ‘Best WTF Moment’.

What do you think about the MTV Movie Awards? What was your favourite kiss of the year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.