All anyone really wants to know about Jurassic World is one thing – is it as good as the original, Jurassic Park…

Fine, two things, and yes, Chris Pratt is still awesome.

…and the answer is no. Before you decide not to bother with Jurassic World though, pause for just one second. Jurassic Park is one the most beloved films in the Western world. Crafted by Steven Spielberg, arguably one of cinema’s greatest Directors, at the height of his power, Jurassic Park is one of the top 20 highest grossing films of all time and the third highest PG rated film.

Put together with a great cast is what can be considered, even now, to be the perfect blend of practical effects and computer generated images (CGI) and, most importantly of all, a great story. Jurassic Park was a masterpiece of its time that holds up very, very well, more than twenty years later.

And that’s the problem.

Jurassic World Review

How many sequels are actually better than the original? When even Spielberg made the first sequel, The Lost World, it was ok, I suppose, but not a patch on the first. If you go in to the cinema expecting something to match up to the twenty years of nostalgia that you have in your mind, it can only disappoint you.

So take a deep breath……..clear your mind……and forget Jurassic Park.

Now. Is Jurassic World any good?


Jurassic World has a slowish first half hour or so, to build up to the main event, but once it lets rip it doesn’t stop. Fast paced and bombastic, it is everything we’ve come to expect from a summer blockbuster. Effects that are largely CGI, have been done very well, with scenes that are jaw-droppingly good in places and convincing throughout. The tension in the film is palpable and broken up by some occasional, well placed comedy. Chris Pratt more or less carries the film on charisma alone and even the child actors did a decent job of not making me hate them.

Jurassic World Review
Finally, someone brings a Rocket Launcher to a Dinosaur fight.

Where Jurassic World starts to suffer is in pretty much any scene that doesn’t have Pratt or a killer dinosaur in it. While Pratt gets a fully rounded character, everyone else is pretty one-dimensional and clichéd. The plot is very, very predictable, which is a shame because there are some really good ideas in there. The whole Velociraptor pack with Pratt’s character as the alpha male plot arc is done extremely well and it only highlights how silly and obvious every other arc is. I could give you a single line description of each character and without watching the film you could guess 100% accurately who is dinosaur food and who isn’t. A couple of scenes aim to be winks at the audience to show how silly and fun they are but come across as just being ridiculous (you’ll know them when you see them).

Jurassic World Review
Get off my land!!

However, much like Fast 7, a lot of this doesn’t matter. Jurassic World provides a thrilling cinema experience that lets you gloss over the silly stuff because you’re having so much fun on the ride (which I’m sure they’re already building). With the possible exception of small or sensitive children, Jurassic World is a great family film that everyone will be able to enjoy.