Joy is a tough sell. ‘It’s got Jennifer Lawrence in it.’ ‘Cool, what’s it about?’ ‘A woman who invents a mop’. Erm… No thanks’. That’s the conversation many people have no doubt had, simply because the premise of this film will be a turn off to general audiences. Having said that, knowing more of the elements that went in to creating this film might peak interest just a little bit. Director David O. Russell has made some well liked films in recent years, and he’s brought back most of the cast that have seen that success with him. As well as Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro return, and that’s a lot of talent that can make even the least interesting premise seem appealing.

You might have seen a synopsis for this film that talks about a woman becoming a powerful business matriarch, but that’s not a very accurate description. It’s really about a put upon woman who invents a mop, tries to sell it, and runs into some hardship along the way.

Joy Review
Well… this picture is misleading

The problem with this film is exactly what you might expect, and exactly what will turn a lot of people off – it’s about a woman who invents a mop. I hate to say it, but that’s not a very interesting story, and while I had some hope this film because of the talent involved, not even they could make it interesting. The acting is good, the direction is decent, even if it feels a little bit too busy at times, but ultimately it’s all about the invention of a mop.

The film is quite slow at the beginning, with the depiction of Joy’s pre-mop-invention life coming across as being quite unrealistic, and it only took a couple of scenes before I was uncomfortable in my seat. Things pick up a little bit when Bradley Cooper turns up, but in the end a film about mop invention is as boring as it sounds.