A simple plot and goal but does John Wick simply delivery? Keanu Reeves’ latest venture into a martial arts type film comes in the form of John Wick.

The idea is straightforward. Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick, is mourning his recently deceased wife. His wife left for him a puppy to help John move on. John encounters the son of Russian mob boss Iosef Tarasov, played by Alfie allen, and they have an altercation. This leads to Iosef and his cronies breaking into John Wick’s house, vandalising it, killing his puppy and then stealing his car.

Don’t worry, this isn’t spoiler territory, this literally happens within the first 15 minutes and is in the trailer.  When Iosef shows off his new car, the older generation of mobsters recognize the car and are in complete despair at  what he has done. The rest of the film is John Wick getting vengeance in a no-nonsense take-no-prisoners style.

John Wick Review
A man not to be messed with.

This is an 80’s film made with a present day budget and style. For that, the film can be commended. It isn’t trying to teach you something, there is no moral ground. A simple story of vengeance and a glimpse into the reckoning of John Wick. The action scenes in this film are immense, however you feel short-changed by the end and you are dying to see more sequences.

You get an interesting look into the world of modern-day mobsters and hitmen, as they have their own language and their own set of rules. The dialogue between characters was funny at times however it falls flat more often than not.

John Wick Review
Oh yeah, Adrianne Palicki stars in this.

John Wick’s fighting style is ruthless, and he simply kills each threat as quickly as possible. It was a shame that some scenes felt heavily choreographed, whilst other scenes seem more authentic. This use of’ gun-fu’ was awesome to watch. Iosef Tarasov was perfectly annoying and obnoxious enough to hate, and you really want John Wick to get the kid.

This is a great action film to watch with friends on a Saturday night. Don’t expect this film to blow you away however, but take it casual and you’ll have a great time.