The Bourne franchise has a unique place in the movie going landscape. It appeals to a lot of men without needing to have any cheap or tacky content, they manage to have an intelligent mystery throughout all of the installments, and they have blurry, shaky action that people still think is great. After the disappointment of The Bourne Legacy, Jason Bourne sees both Matt Damon return as the title character, and Paul Greengrass back in the director’s chair. The fifth installment has also added some new blood in front of the camera, including Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander and Riz Ahmed, so on paper at least we’re all set to see this franchise come back in a big way.

Jason Bourne has been off the grid for a number of years. Nicky Parsons (franchise regular Julia Stiles) has discovered something about his past that he has to know, and manages to track him down, and arrange to meet. This meeting sets off a series of events, leading Bourne on an adventure around the world to discover things about himself, and the agency that’s trying to hunt him down.

Jason Bourne Review

This franchise has always had what people describe as a gritty and realistic tone. When done right, this has produced some of the most shocking, interesting, and believable action films ever made. On the flip side, we have films like Jason Bourne, that are so boring they’re difficult to watch.

The story here simply isn’t compelling. The big reveals are all information that most audiences won’t be interested in, and are all so predictable that I was waiting for at least one of them to be twisted or turned in some way, but nothing is. On top of that, even the action isn’t well shot. You sit through increasingly dull scenes, most of which don’t feel like they add anything to the overall story, only to be interrupted by a poorly shot actions sequence.

Jason Bourne Review

The worst offence this film makes is that there’s one series of events that takes about twenty minutes, and is then repeated four times. Without wanting to spoil anything, every scene after the first few that are used to establish the story feel like a retread of what we’ve just watched, which only adds to the boredom.