I can see why North Korea had a problem with this film. A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem. Luckily for me, I didn’t! It’s really a shame that the whole terrorism kerfuffle surrounded the original release of The Interview, because leading up to it’s, there was a lot of buzz. People had seen, and enjoyed Bad Neighbors, and they were excited to see another comedy in the same vein, even if the subject matter was a lot more controversial. What am I saying, especially because the subject matter was a lot more controversial!

The Interview Review
When they make the film about my life, I hope I look this cool

Apart from the obvious reasons, it really is a shame that this film had terror threats surrounding it, because it is really funny. I mean side splitting, belly laugh funny. It’s probably made me laugh more than any film since 22 Jump Street, a film that narrowly missed out on my top ten of 2014. As with everything the Seth Rogen and James Franco group of comedians make, not every joke hits, but the ones that do are some of their finest work to date.

These are also the best comedic performances Seth Rogen and James Franco have given, rivaled only by their brilliant self-satire in This is the End. Rogen has really settled into his role as the straight man in the comedy duo, which gives me hope for his serious acting career, and equally Franco has got the goofy, over the top role down. I also have to mention Randall Park for brilliantly playing a quiet super-fan version of Kim Jong-un (incidentally, this isn’t the first time he’s playing the North Korean dictator). Going in, I knew his performance was the one that would make or break this film, and without wanting to ruin anything, he has quite a few instantly quotable moments that, had this film had it’s full release, people would already be sick of hearing, but in a good way.

The Interview Review
I’ve had an idea for a reality TV show. Kim Jonu-un and Kim Kardashian visit the Ku Klux Klan in an effort to broaden their carer paths. It would be called Kim Jong and Kim Kardashian Konsider a Kareer with the Ku Klux Klan, or KKKKKKKK for short. Any Takers?

Comedies, and films in general work best when they have something to say. Yes, having a good laugh is great, but when there’s another layer, it’s so much more rewarding. The Interview works on a number of levels, and successfully makes fun of, and comments on various topics, most notably the terrible state that celebrity culture is currently in. This, and the fact that I laughed like a crazy man, are what make The Interview such a good film, and a film that’s probably going to be the best comedy of 2015, although Ted 2 might have something to say about that…