I’ll admit it, going into this film I was pretty nervous. 2015 has been a good year for films and halfway through the year, I’m already conflicted over what my Top Ten films are going to be.

Yes, I was nervous, because at some point Third Act Film is going to come to me and ask for a Worst 5 Films of 2015 list and I’m not sure I’ll be able to fill it. I mean sure, Adam Sandler’s Pixels is coming out soon and even with Peter Dinklage adding talent, you can usually rely on a Sandler comedy to drop trousers and s*** all over your movie going experience. But still, by luck or good judgement, I am desperately short of truly bad films this year.

Silly of me to worry really.

Hot Pursuit Review
Take that acting career!

Hot Pursuit stars Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara in what I will reluctantly describe as a “film” (although, interestingly, it does match the description of a human rights violation), about a by the book cop who is escorting the wife of a drug informant to testify in court. Various people try to kill her and the comedy duo go on the run, where wackiness ensues.

It took a lot of effort to reduce that down to one set of quotation marks.

I’ve said this before but comedies really ought to be funny, and in Hot Pursuit there were a couple of scenes that earnt a half smile but otherwise I was left to watch the tumbleweed drift though a silent cinema screen. Comedy is obviously a personal preference but dear God shouldn’t somebody have laughed?

Hot Pursuit Review
And that! And that!

The jokes were lazy and clichéd, the acting sub-par, the plot laughable and in some scenes I was actually embarrassed to be in the cinema. There was no real chemistry between the two leads, to the extent that Hot Pursuit felt awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Vergara, I can kind of understand – she isn’t all that big in films and any role has to help but Witherspoon? Oscar Winning Reece Witherspoon? I can’t understand why she is trying to turn herself into the female Adam Sandler, a one-time comedic star, capable of turning out excellent dramatic roles who now churns out c*** comedy after c*** comedy, that nobody likes.

On the positive side………..uh…………it was thankfully quite short?

In the end this was a film that I had low expectations for going in and yet it somehow failed to achieve even those. If it weren’t for the fact that it stars Witherspoon, I suspect it would have gone straight to video.