Let me get this out-of-the-way first, I don’t want Star Wars – The Force Awakens to be bad. Why would I? I’m definitely going to see it, so why would I hope for a bad time? Also, even though I have some concerns, I’m not expecting it to be bad either. The trailers have been good, and I like the talent that’s attached, but let’s not rule this out as a possibility. You know which other film had a great trailer, and good talent attached? The Phantom Menace, and even though some people do like it, the general consensus is that it’s not a good film. So, here are a few things I believe will happen if Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is bad.

So… What Happens if Star Wars VII is Bad? (What’s the Deal?)

People will deny it

Denial is a part of grief. When the dream of a good Star Wars film dies, there will be people who won’t accept it. Only after a few months have passed will we know how people truly feel about the film. Thanks to the internet, fanboy culture is more significant than ever, so the message that ‘The Force Awakens is the best film ever’ will be unavoidable, and I may well be as guilty of it as anyone else.

So… What Happens if Star Wars VII is Bad? (What’s the Deal?)

Future of the franchise

Episode VIII and IX will both still happen, as will Rogue One and the Han Solo spin-off, and possibly one more spin-off, I don’t think anything can change that. It will however change whatever plans Disney have for the future going beyond those films. At the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan is to make one, or maybe even two new Star Wars films a year for the next… forever, but if there’s as much of a backlash against this film as there is against the more recent half of the Star Wars franchise, those plans could change big time.

So… What Happens if Star Wars VII is Bad? (What’s the Deal?)

Death of diversity

There have been some big hits with non-white leads recently, but never a film as big as Star Wars. Alright, we don’t technically know that John Boyega is the lead character, but all of the marketing up to this point suggests that he will be. If Episode VII is received poorly, you can bet that studios will be more hesitant to put black actors in the lead role of big franchises again. It takes a lot of hits to encourage studios to roll the dice, but it only takes one knock.

So… What Happens if Star Wars VII is Bad? (What’s the Deal?)

J.J. Abrams…

Oh J.J., if nothing else I hope for your sake that this is good. I personally think both of his Star Trek films are great, but you just know that no matter what else he goes on to make, if this film is bad he’ll always be ‘the guy that killed Star Wars and Star Trek‘. It’s simply the double-edged sword of the fanboy community.

So… What Happens if Star Wars VII is Bad? (What’s the Deal?)

Star Wars as a whole

Let’s not think about any of the expanded universe (or rather legacy) content for a second, and focus only on the main films in the series, as the majority of general audiences do. If Episode VII is bad, the ratio of good to bad films in the franchise dramatically changes. It’s going to stop being ‘those terrible prequels’ and start being ‘that franchise that never got it back’. As much as we already knew this, Episode VII has the entirety of the Star Wars franchise resting its shoulders, future and past, and it matters a lot more than some people might think.

Do you think there’s any chance that Episode VII will be bad? Do you think there’s as much as stake as I do? Share any thoughts in the comments.