Anybody reading this can probably guess, I’m quite into film. Something I’m not so into however is books. I have nothing against books, and in fact I do enjoy reading, I just don’t do it very often. However, this wasn’t so much the case when I was a child, and one thing you could always count on being on the top of my reading pile was one of the Goosebumps books. I know I’m not the only one of my generation who would tell you that was the case for them when they were younger. So when I heard there was going to be a Goosebumps film, and when I found it out was going to be a crazy, fourth wall breaking adventure, featuring all of the monsters from all of the books, it’s safe to say they had my attention.

Loosely based on the books of the same name, Goosebumps follows Zach (Dylan Minnette), just your normal 17-year-old, who moves to a small town with his mother. They just so happen to move in next door to Hannah (Odeya Rush) just your normal 17-year-old, who is the daughter of R. L. Stine (Jack Black), the real life author of the Goosebumps books.

Goosebumps Review
That’s what I look like on camera?

I do have one major criticism of this film, and that’s that it’s made primarily for children. That is of course a very good business decision, and it does line up with the spirit of the books, but from a selfish point of view I just wanted them to go a little bit more adult (i.e. a little bit more scary) just a few times.

Other than that however, Goosebumps is a pretty good film. One thing I loved was that this film felt very much like the original books. There was a sense of wonderment and adventure, but more than anything there were a few twists that were all very reminiscent of the books. I also want to mention Jack Black, who I’ve been a fan of for a long time, and even if he’s doing an impression of Tyrion Lannister here, I still feel like he committed fully.