It’s quite well documented that I was not a fan of Richard Linklater’s last film, Boyhood. One of the biggest issues I had with it is that there was no real story, and that it was more of an observation of life. This is fine in documentaries, but as something that should, in my opinion, have a narrative, it didn’t really work. Still, it’s not fair to judge somebody on one film they’ve made, and Boyhood was more of a social experiment than a film anyway. With all that being said, after watching the trailers for Everybody Wants Some!! I was a bit turned off by the fact that it didn’t even hint at a potential plot. I had to wonder, were they simply trying to show an idea of what this film was going to be like, or was this going to be another plot less meander through one portion of somebody’s life?

Jake is just a normal, super attractive, athletic, charming, funny young man, who after graduating high school is about to start college as a baseball player. Set in 1980, we see what happens to him and his friends in the three days between him arriving at the house where all the baseball players live, him having his first class.

Everybody Wants Some!! Review

That doesn’t really sound like a plot, and that’s because it isn’t. Unfortunately this film was exactly what I was afraid it was going to be. Things happen, there are different scenes, and time passes, but that’s the closest thing we get to a story. I completely understand that this style of film making appeals to some people, and it would probably help if you lived through the 80’s and can remember a lot of the things that are referenced, but as a casual viewer it’s almost impenetrable as a viewing experience.

Other than this, the film is capably made. All but one of the characters (Wyatt Russell’s Willoughby, a stoner with some interesting philosophical points of view) come across as being annoying, and not the kind of person you want to spend three days with. There are a few funny moments but nothing that’ll stick in the memory.