I remember looking at the poster for this film and thinking ‘why have they cast so many box office non-draws in this film?’. While an argument could be made either way for Jake Gyllenhaal (although I don’t think he bring in that many people), Sam Worthington, Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin all have simply horrible track records at the box office. The thing is, all of them are excellent actors (although an argument could be made for Sam Worthington), and it made me realise, this film is 100% about the true events that it’s based on. Well, that and glorious 3D.

Everest Review
They added the 3D to make the most of that glorious hair

Everest is the amazing true story a group of people who went on an expedition to climb mount Everest, and, this being a film, not everything goes to plan. That’s pretty much the entirety of the plot, although it is heavily padded out with a lot of side characters.

That’s one issue I had with this film – there are way too many characters to follow. There are times when different groups have been separated, and you’re meant to be following them all, despite the fact that you don’t really care about a lot of them. While Jason Clarke’s Rob Hall is clearly the main character, and brings with him the most emotional clout, a lot of time is spent developing a plethora of other characters. All of the actors do a fine job just… I didn’t care about most of them.

Everest Review
Now if those characters had been lovable animals…

So what about this films other selling point – the 3D, or in broader terms, the cinematic experience. Well, it’s fine, and that’s about it. There are some great sweeping shots of the mountain, but they’re few and far between, and by the time they start showing up I was already quite bored by the whole thing. Without wanting to ruin anything, there is also some blatant emotional manipulation at the end of the film, which took any emotion I was feeling away, and replaced it with resentment.