The impending alien invasion will soon be here. Get yourself prepared and watch some sci-fi military films. Take note, and get to the chopper!

First, the rules:

The movie must include an organised military faction who uses some form of tactic and strategy to attempt to complete their mission.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films


I had to start with this pick. Taking a small team of trained space marines to take on acid-blooded aliens, what more can you ask for? Although set in the future where going to different planets is an everyday occurrence, the weaponry is still relatively simple.

The flamethrower is the most effective seemingly which makes for some awesome shots.

Let’s not forget the massive mech suit also. Although not strictly for military purpose, it’s used to cause maximum damage.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Starship Troopers

A great comedy and interesting military sci-fi. The blasé attitude to fighting alien insects and the infomercial type presentation of the film created a nice light-hearted attitude to fighting aliens which aren’t too common in films.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Edge of Tomorrow

An instant classic of a movie, with the worst marketing to date. In this sci-fi epic, we follow Tom Cruise as he Groundhog Days his way through an alien invasion.

We’ve got guns, we’ve got mech suits and we’ve got insanely designed aliens. A perfect military sci-fi.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Some actual strategy is seen in a film that didn’t necessarily had to take warfare too seriously. The Battle of Hoth is remembered by all.

I remember playing one of the Star Wars games and reenacting taking down AT-ATs by going through their legs with an attached string behind. The moment one of those giant walking mechanical camels fell will be forever remembered.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Pacific Rim

My favourite aspect of this film is how onboard the world was with the idea of making giant robots. Yes, there were those who felt a wall was better. But huge teams of people got behind the idea of massive robots.

I only hope one day we are invaded by aliens that appear from a portal in the pacific ocean and we’re left with only one option but to create giant robots to fight them.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Ender’s Game

Taking military sci-fi from a different angle and showing the attitudes of a world post-alien-invasion, we have Ender’s Game.

Kids are trained from a young age in order to become commanders of huge military space convoys used to attack their newly found alien enemy.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Star Trek (2009)

Now, there are tonnes of Star Trek films, all with different weights of military involvement. I chose the 2009 Star Trek as it shows the iconic Kobayashi Maru test, an undefeatable war simulation, in which only Captain Kirk was able to defeat.

The training and the ideas that come from Star Trek and their blend of military advancement alongside explorational pursuit are only part of what makes Star Trek so awesome.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films


Now, for something on the small scale. Mono e mono. Arnold versus Predator.

A great opportunity to show why human came to dominate this world. Ain’t nobody stopping us! Not even a dreadlock wide-mouth alien scum! Get to the chopper!

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Independence Day

What if aliens invaded today? Could we repel the invading force? Independence Day sure has us believing we can. If we leave the battle to America, we will be alright!

With epic speeches and great one-liners, Independence Day deserves a spot on this list.

10 Essential Military Sci-Fi Films

Stargate (1994)

They don’t make films on this scale anymore. A massive portal is discovered in Egpyt which takes people to alien worlds. Man versus Egyptian god. Only sci-fi can produce such epics.

Kurt Russell, James Spader, several spin-off TV shows. What more can you want?

There you have it, that’s our list for 10 Essential Military Sci-Fi films. From comedies, to one-on-one to massive galactic wars.

Are there any essential Military Sci-Fi films that I missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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