Crossing Paths is a seven minute short film directed by Ben Bloore and written by Ben Fowkes. It follows the encounter between two people sat on a bench, as the story unfolds realisations as to why these two have met become apparent.

What becomes immediately evident is that the lead character, Alison, has been through a lot of torment. The short splices upsetting dreary coloured scenes of her past with the bright and hopeful colour present on the bench.

The short film never quite fully reveals what is going and leaves it to the audience to figure out. This is an interesting technique as it pushes audiences to think about what they’ve seen and how the scenes from the past are in relation with the scenes on the bench. What stands out the most from this production is the level of quality, considering it was created on a shoe-string budget, it isn’t noticeable. The actors deliver exactly what is expected from them and the cinematography helps build the mystery and intrigue which is a crucial part to this short.

My criticism of this short however is the end resolve, it’s not that it doesn’t have a happy ending, more that there is no solution offered at all. More of a passive acceptance of the events that happened to her and nothing more than that. There is a karma infused conclusion to the perpetrator but nothing done intentionally by the characters traits or actions. The lead character seems to wander on through her life and this experience, rather than giving any indication on her thoughts about it all. A minor issue, yes, but one that if it were addressed I feel would have helped.

An interesting take on domestic abuse and how people cope with trauma, worth a watch for those who want to see a thinker.

Crossing Paths premières on 26th March at 11:00am on screen 4 at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

The IMDB page can be found here and the Crossing Paths facebook fan page can be found here.