Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie recently reached our screens, following on from Moomins on the Riviera, and while we can’t see these unassuming films kicking off a trend for more movies based on things we used to love as kids, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right?

After all, Steven Spielberg will be bringing us his take on Roald Dahl’s The BFG this year and at first glance it looks like it’ll be pretty impressive.

So here are some (tongue in cheek) suggestions for some other films that could get us reminiscing about our favourite TV shows and comic books from when we were kids. So come on Hollywood, what are you waiting for? Just make sure I get a cut of the inevitable profits if these do end up getting made!

1. Shia Labeouf as Dennis the Menace

Childhood Favourites who Deserve Their Own Movies

Who better to play the mischievous trickster than infamous fan of strange pranks, Shia Labeouf? He’d have a great time playing Dennis – Shia can be menacing as well as a public menace, so we could even get an adult, not-for-the-kids version of the cheeky comic strip.

2. Live action Dexter’s Laboratory

Childhood Favourites who Deserve Their Own Movies

I used to love this quirky Nickelodeon cartoon about child inventor Dexter and his crazily ambitious inventions, which always got messed up – usually by his irritating sister Deedee. I reckon someone like Tim Burton could create an amazing CGI lab for Dexter, but instead of Burton’s favourite Johnny Depp he should cast Michael Fassbender as Dexter to give the pint-sized scientist some authority, and Anne Hathaway (who lots of people already find annoying for no good reason) would be perfect as long-legged Deedee, shrieking and waving her arms around as she stamps all over his plans.

3. Ed, Edd n Eddy, all played by Eddie Redmayne

Childhood Favourites who Deserve Their Own Movies

Take that, Tom Hardy in Legend! Eddie Redmayne doesn’t really look like any of these three Cartoon Network brothers, but he does have the right name, and that’s good enough for me!

4. Cow and Chicken

Childhood Favourites who Deserve Their Own Movies
Look at their evil horror movie faces!

This show was always pretty disturbing, so why not go all the way into horror film territory and make a dark twisted adaptation? I reckon Meryl Streep would be brilliant as Cow (not because she’s fat, just because she can play anything and anyone!) and creepy but talented Willem Dafoe (the Green Goblin in Spider-Man) could join her as Chicken. Who wouldn’t pay to watch that?

5. Tom and Jerry

Childhood Favourites who Deserve Their Own Movies
Tom and Geri. Sorry, I mean Jerry.

With (who else?) Tom Hiddleston as the cat… And, if she fancies a career change, I’ve found the perfect first acting role for her – Geri Halliwell!

Third Act Film will not be held responsible for any nightmares resulting from the film and casting ideas listed above. But we’d love to hear your ideas on kids’ faves you’d like to see make a comeback on your cinema screens soon…