Why is it that so many female led dramas are marketed as being a choice between two men? It’s hard to imagine anything that’s more of a turn off then the plot of Twilight, especially since it was done so well once already… Add to that pitch a soppy trailer with a pinch of emotional manipulation, and you have one film I’m not remotely excited about.

Brooklyn Review
Team Jacob

Set in the 1950’s, Brooklyn is the story of Eilis, a young girl from a little town in Ireland, who moves to New York (specifically Brooklyn… get it?) to try and make a better life for herself. While at first she has a tough time dealing with homesickness, when she meets Tony, a ‘nice Italian boy’, things start to turn around. However, when a tragedy happens back in Ireland, she’s forced to return home, where her homesickness is cured, and her life seems to be made. Will she choose to return to Brooklyn, with the promise of a better life, or stay at home?

So… this doesn’t sound like a hugely interesting story, especially when the marketing is focusing on romantic elements, but I couldn’t have been more surprised by how much I liked this film. While yes, the romantic plot is a large part of the film, it’s really a story about how people change, the way homesickness can effect you, and an excellent portrayal of the difficult choices that need to be made in order to live your life.

Brooklyn Review
Team Edward

Something else I wasn’t expecting is just how funny this film was going to be. While most of the laughs come from the excellent Julie Walters, who plays an old fashioned Irish matron, most of the characters contribute some humour. This film also looks wonderful. The time period was captured perfectly, and the character styling and costume design were all noticeably impressive.