I called this article “A Death in the Family”, partly because it’s a good way to describe how The Avengers seem to be coming together nicely as a team (at least in the trailer) and partly because it’s the name of a DC Batman storyline and I do enjoy stirring up the fan war…

For those of you who aren’t geeks, you may need a little bit of background here. Joss Whedon was the Director of the first Avengers film and the man who is directing the second. He’s well-known in the TV world for shows like Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dollhouse and has a couple of other films under his belt too.

And to his fans, he’s well-known for something else too….

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Whedon has a reputation for killing his characters and not in the way that George R.R. Martin does. In Game of Thrones, everyone dies. Everyone. All the bloody time. Emphasis on the bloody. Whedon on the other hand, likes to carefully build up to his killing. That way he gets to punch you in the feels at the same time.

So with Avengers: Age of Ultron about to come out, talk has naturally turned to who, if anyone, is going to get the axe (or possibly robot fist). Below I’ve taken twenty of the biggest characters from the film and given what I think are their odds on survival – spoilers from the comics and the films up to date are below….

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker                    10:1

Who? He’s the guy with the monocle from the mid-credits scene in The Winter Soldier. Von Strucker is the head of Hydra and the one holding Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch captive. We’ve no idea of his power set until Age of Ultron is released but they range from regular human up to death touch. Either way, if he’s still around when Ultron shows up to grab the twins, he’s got a decent chance of being killed. I suspect Marvel want him around to keep running Hydra but as of now he’s still a small enough character to be expendable.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Black Widow                                                     15:1

Natasha Romanova is a well-loved character, with no solo films scheduled and a weak power set (at least for fighting robots) and all of that has got to put her pretty high on Whedon’s kill list. That said, as The Avengers’ only female character, there are more politically acceptable targets – at least until Captain Marvel shows up in future films.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Captain America                                              20:1

It’s hard to picture how Civil War would shape up without Cap in it. It’s possible that the Winter Soldier could take over the Captain America mantle, as he has sometimes done in the comics but in an already packed Age of Ultron, this feels like something best saved for Civil War.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Dr. Cho                                                                 2:1

Who? Actually, nobody knows for certain yet, we’ll have to wait until the film comes out. The popular theory is that she helps Stark to build the A.I. for Ultron or possibly The Vision. There isn’t a Marvel character by that name in the comics, however, there is a popular character called Amadeus Cho, a hyper-genius whose parents are dead….

A small character with no existing history other than maybe being killed, who likely helps Stark do something really, really silly. Might as well be wearing a red shirt.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Dr. Erik Selvig                                                    30:1

Who? The mentor of Thor’s girlfriend and one of the people Loki turned into his flying monkeys in the first Avengers film. He’s got no powers other than being smart, so he’s easily squashable but killing him would fit better into Thor 3: Ragnarok.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Falcon                                                                   30:1

Who? The guy with the winged jetpack in The Winter Soldier. At this stage, Falcon is really too new and has too much great chemistry with Captain America to be killed off now. He might be at risk in Civil War but even then I doubt it as he provides a light comic foil to the earnest Captain.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Hawkeye                                                             5:1

Poor Hawkeye, up until now, he’s really been the laughing-stock of The Avengers.  In the comics, Hawkeye dies during Age of Ultron (although so does pretty much everyone else) and although we know the film isn’t going follow the same story, I wouldn’t be surprised if it followed the same approach of showing everyone how awesome he is before killing him. Ultimately, Hawkeye is not a popular character, he has no solo films scheduled, his death won’t upset any demographics and he’ll run out of arrows eventually.

Update – Hawkeye is confirmed as being in Civil War, so it looks like I’m wrong. I sincerely hope this doesn’t mean we have yet another Marvel maybe death on our hands.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Heimdall                                                             30:1

Who? The guy who guards the entrance to Asgard in the Thor films. A horrible waste of talent putting a top actor like Idris Elba in such a small role and he has said that he’s unhappy doing it. Even so, I’d still expect him to buy it during Ragnarok rather than the Avengers

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Avengers: A Death in the Family

Iron Man                                                             20:1

Who? Just kidding. I can’t quite bring myself to believe that Marvel would kill this beloved cash cow. Stark is an integral part of Civil War and the clash between him and Captain America should be awesome, so I don’t really expect him to die. You could put anyone in that suit though, so I can’t rule it out.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Loki                                                                        100:1

Speaking of beloved cash cows. Even ignoring the fact that you can’t ever really be sure you’ve killed an Illusionist, Loki is easily the most beloved villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So much so that Loki has really stopped being a villain and become an anti-hero of sorts. Which is a problem for Marvel because one of the few faults in the MCU is a lack of decent villains, especially since their mediocre villains are mostly dead. Those things combined make me highly doubtful that Loki will die anytime soon.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Maria Hill                                                            8:1

Who? Hey kids, did I ever tell about the time your Aunt Robin was an Agent of SHIELD? As Nick Fury’s right hand woman and now employed  by Stark Industries, I’m expecting Maria Hill to have a much larger role in Civil War than she’s previously had in the MCU. Still, that said she’s still a minor character at the moment and Nick Fury’s Agent friends have not done so well in the past.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Nick Fury                                                             1,000,000:1

Nick Fury never dies. Ever. Oh sure, sometimes he fakes his death, or a robot version of him is killed, or a Life Model Decoy, or a hologram, or an illusion, or a double, or…. well you get the idea. Billions of years from now, at the heat death of the universe, the only things left will be Death playing hide and seek with Nick Fury.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Quicksilver                                                         5:1

Who? Well in the comics, Quicksilver is a mutant and the son of Magneto, arch-enemy of the X-Men. However in real life, when Marvel were in financial trouble many years ago, they sold off the movie rights to many of their more popular characters; including the X-Men (and mutants in general) to Fox. Twin brother and sister, Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch were in the Avengers comics long before they were revealed as being mutants, which leaves them in a legal grey area and lets Marvel keep using them (they still can’t call them mutants though).

Fox have already used their version of Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and they used him very, very well (so well that Todd James put that scene as one of the best of the year). So unless Marvel’s version of Quicksilver is utterly awesome then he seems a little redundant. Quicksilver’s super speed power – he’s basically Marvel’s version of the Flash too, is also so very difficult to put in a film as it usually solves every single problem nearly instantly and leaves gigantic plot holes if you don’t use it. Frankly, I don’t fancy his chances.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Scarlet Witch                                                     20:1

Who? Quicksilver’s twin sister, whose powers are…well…complicated. Originally they were manipulating probability to cause bad luck or curses, which eventually became Chaos magic. This lets her powers do pretty much anything that a writer wants; mind control, flight, telekinesis, alter reality – literally anything. This makes her narratively convenient and as a bonus helps to even out the gender imbalance in the Avengers. While she’s new enough to be killed off, I doubt it will happen.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

The Hulk                                                              100:1

You’re going to try and kill The Hulk? Best of luck with that.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

The Vision                                                          50:1

Who? In the comics, he’s an android (a robot that looks like a human) created by Ultron to help destroy The Avengers. They convince The Vision to change sides and instead he helps to defeat them. Now in the MCU, we know that Paul Bettany will be playing the Vision and Bettany is the voice of Iron Man’s A.I. butler, so probably things will be different.

As for powers, Vision can fire beams of energy, alter his mass to become super dense or phase through sold objects, is superhumanly strong and fast, oh and he can fly. Being a brand new character with plenty of story to flesh out, death seems unlikely.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Thor                                                                       10:1

Yep, you read that right and no I didn’t miss a zero. I reckon there’s a chance that Thor could die. Or at least look like he has (Agent Coulson style). Thor 3: Ragnarok is coming up and some of you probably know that Ragnarok is the Norse mythology version of the Apocalypse. What only the geeks realise is that Ragnarok is also the name for a clone of Thor fused with Stark technology; a cyborg. Unknown to Thor, Iron Man took a hair from Thor and used it to make a clone, which fought for him during the Civil War. If Loki can sideline Thor somehow, it might make Thor appear to be dead and then send in the clones. Does this count as dying? Maybe. Especially if Thor gets sent to Hel…

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Ultron                                                                   2:1

Who? The badass robot that ruined one of the Disney songs from your childhood. Originally built-in the comics as an experimental A.I., Ultron evolved and with each evolution became a bigger threat to the world. We can expect different origins here, probably involving Iron Man but similar worldwide threat. Ultron does have a tendency to upload his consciousness elsewhere if he looks like losing, so while he’s probably going to die, that doesn’t mean he won’t be back.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Uylsses Klaw                                                     75:1

Who? One of Von Strucker’s henchmen (at least originally) and a long time enemy of the Black Panther. His long-standing war with Black Panther and the fact that Andy Serkis is a fairly big star right now means that his death is highly unlikely. At least until the Black Panther solo film.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

War Machine/Iron Patriot                           15:1

Who? The less cool version of Iron Man. Piloted by Stark’s friend Colonel Rhodes and renamed the Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3. They’ve changed actors, they’ve changed names and frankly he’s nobodies favourite character. In all he’s got expendable written all over him but since Joss Whedon really likes to make people sad, I don’t know if he’ll pick a character no-one is that bothered about.

Avengers: A Death in the Family

Of course there’s always the outside chance that they’ll all make it through……right?

So do you agree with my odds? Who do you think will die in Avengers? Comment below and vote in our poll.