I have a strange relationship with this franchise. I still haven’t seen Divergent, partly due to it being named the worst film of the year in 2014 by Third Act contributor James Forbes, and partly because it just didn’t interest me. Insurgent was a different matter. Despite it getting a less than stellar review on this very website, I personally enjoyed it, and thought there were a lot of nice ideas and world building. So here we are at the third instalment, a film that it seems absolutely nobody is excited for. The trailers certainly didn’t help, especially because it’s starting to look more and more like other films in this genre, particularly The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. Still, going in I had a little bit of hope that, like the second instalment in this franchise, it could exceed my expectations.

Following directly on from the dramatic events of Insurgent, Tris and a number of her friends make it over the wall that’s been keeping them all in Chicago. Their commitment to embracing whatever they find outside is really put to the test, as they don’t know who they can trust. If this plot sounds confusing it’s because you haven’t seen the first two films, OR it’s because the film does a terrible job explaining what’s happening.

Allegiant Review
So… who here still wants to be in this franchise?

Yes, unfortunately Allegiant is the point at which this franchise has descended into a sci-fi / post apocalypse / young adult mess. The delicate balance of asking questions and giving answers has been completely thrown off, and thanks to some ridiculous technology and general expansions of the world it’s set in, unfortunately Allegiant finds itself deep in eye rolling territory.

A lot of the acting is good here, Jeff Daniels, Naomi Watts and Shailene Woodley are all good, some of the effects are seamless, although some are quite terrible, and there are even a few nice moments peppered throughout  the film, but none of this can make up for the biggest mistake this film makes – it simply doesn’t appeal to anybody that isn’t a hardcore fan of the franchise.