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Age of Ultron has been and gone, you’ve seen Ant-Man, and let’s face it, Marvel’s Phase 2 was awesome, but what’s next? In this series we’re going to take a look at what we currently know about each of the films in Marvel’s Phase 3, discussing what we know from the comics, the already existing films, and of course a bit of speculation. So let’s get right into it, discussing everything we know about Marvel’s Inhumans.

All About Marvel’s Inhumans


Since Disney don’t have the film rights to the X-men, The Inhumans will take the role of oppressed outsiders in the MCU. This will also feel more like Guardians of the Galaxy, as even though it’s a standalone film it will feature a large team. It’s also coming out after Avengers: Infinity War part 2, so expect some groundwork to be laid for phase 4. The Inhumans have also had some set up in the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so you can watch the much better second season of that for more information.

In the comics

We’ve covered the Inhumans in detail before, so you can check out that article here.

Who’s in it?

No casting announcements have been mad yet, but you can hear a little bit of speculation from Third Act Film here.

All About Marvel’s Inhumans

What to expect

With lots of different and unique powers on display, there’s going to be some great action unlike anything we’ve seen before. There will also be some strong political and family based story threads, so a bit like Thor, only with more variety.

Which upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film are you most looking forward to? And don’t forget to check out the rest of our series on Marvel’s Phase 3.

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