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It was recently announced that The Expendables franchise will be getting a fourth instalment, despite the fact that the third in the series was the least successful financially and critically. This franchise is best known for having a ridiculous amount of action stars in it, and while it’s to be expected that series regulars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest will return, there will no doubt be a dump truck filled with new names to plaster all over the poster. Always being fans of casting news, here are a few suggestions of who we think should appear in The Expendables 4.

Which Action Stars Should Appear in The Expendables 4?

Make it happen

Keanu Reeves – There isn’t a more natural fit with this franchise than Keanu Reeves. He’s shown us in recent films that he can still convincingly beat up hordes of henchmen (thank you John Wick), and here his… different style of acting wouldn’t stand out too much.

Jackie Chan – Even though he’s not as much of a draw as he once was… wait, that’s the very essence of The Expendables. If I’m being completely honest I don’t see this happening, but who else would love one more outing for Jackie Chan?

Clint Eastwood – The epitome of manliness and bad-ass-ery, Clint Eastwood spends most of his time behind the camera these days. Even so, Clint Eastwood is responsible for some of the most iconic action characters of all time. Just give him a huge revolver and be done with it.

Which Action Stars Should Appear in The Expendables 4?


Tony Jaa – Having recently appeared in Furious 7Tony Jaa is clearly open to making the move to Hollywood. He’s been responsible for some of the best fight sequences in recent years, and could add a lot to the franchise.

Iko Uwais – If you still haven’t seen The Raid, you need to sort your life outIko Uwais, much like Tony Jaa has been a true revelation to audiences, and he not only does his own fight sequences, but he’s responsible for the choreography too. Oh, he’s also been brought in to help with the fight scenes in Star Wars VII.

Nicholas Cage – Firstly, he’ll do anything for money, so this isn’t unlikely. If they got Cage on board to play the villain of the new film, I think I might actually be excited for this franchise again.

Which Action Stars Should Appear in The Expendables 4?

That would be cool

Steven Segal – Possibly the biggest action star of his generation to not appear in this franchise, Steven Segal has on record that he wants nothing to do with it. That being said, money can change things, and it would be hilarious to see him serious his way through one of these films.

Milla Jovovich – There are about 74 Resident Evil films, and while they vary in quality (that’s the nice way of putting it), Jovovich is consistently good, and always delivers great action. Plus, she does both guns and fists, so could adapt to whatever was thrown her way. As long as they give her better dialogue than Ronda Rousey…

Pierce Brosnan – The only former Bond who could realistically be a part of this franchise, playing on those English stereotypes could provide some good humour. Also, after watching No Escape I couldn’t be more convinced that he’s got some great action still left in him.

Which Action Stars Should Appear in The Expendables 4?

Seems unlikely

Linda Hamilton – It’s pretty depressing to look at Linda Hamilton’s recent films. If you’re wondering where they are, look on the Syfy channel. This wouldn’t hurt her career, and I would love to see (THE REAL) Sarah Connor kicking ass on the big screen again.

Liam Neeson – One of the biggest and most consistent action stars of recent years, Liam Neeson will not be a part of this film. That is unless they base the plot around something being… taken.

Sigourney Weaver – If we could get a Hamilton / Weaver double team, every 80’s sci-fi fanboy would wet themselves. I’m sure nobody would disagree with me when I say that she’s above doing an Expendables film, but we can dream.


Box office steroids

I’m not going to suggest specific names here, but simply say how this franchise can get back on top. The US box office is more or less a write off, but the international box office is where they can really succeed, so perhaps instead of looking at famous American action stars from the past, they look at current action stars from other countries – specifically China and India. Asia has lots of huge markets with lots of movie fans, and if they can tap into that, the box office returns could be given the kind of steroids the actors are using.

Who would you like to see in The Expendables 4? Do you like any of these suggestions? Share any thoughts in the comments.

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