Thank God this film was released. I was giving up hope on cinema all together with the recent releases this past couple of weeks. Legend offers a reminder as to why we go to cinema; for grand stories and to be taken into a snapshot of the past. As you’ve probably guessed, I quite enjoyed Legend.

Let’s say what everyone else has and will say a million times: Tom Hardy is on top form. You forget the two characters are portrayed by the same actor after 2 minutes; if that. When Tom Hardy is playing either Reg or Ron Kray there is a distinguished difference between the duo. As you become more entranced by the two, you feel almost opposing feelings for the them both; that of fear and hope. The battle between the two Kray’s as they attempt to maintain order in both their business and their personal lives is fascinating. This is a true triumph in character exploration and a genius pick of a true-life story to portray on film.

Legend Review
You sound like you’re from LANDAN!

Considering the Kray twins weren’t a particularly nice double act in real-life, this film still manages to successfully have you empathising with both Krays, as they, and the rest of the characters. are all well realised. They all have a clear mode of conduct and make their way through their troubled lives accordingly. Nothing felt out-of-place, nothing felt wrong about this film. This is the Kray twins, back from the dead, and they’re coming to take London.

The great acting doesn’t stop at Tom Hardy however, everyone involved is on their A-game with top-notch performances throughout. This is London, this is post-world-war-two east-end, from the accents to the mannerisms to the buildings. Every element on-screen sells you on the fact you’ve been teleported back in time. We get some great and memorable scenes dotted around with a general entertaining flow throughout. Whilst watching, you want to see more; which is always a great sign of a good film.

Legend Review
Yes Chris, you were in Thor 2.

Legend however doesn’t escape the bio-pic curse. I’ve mentioned this before in reviews for other bio-pics such as The Theory of Everything, Get On Up and Straight Outta Compton, when a film is telling a true-life story, they are forced into featuring many events that may not build on the initial premise of the story line. Towards the last third, the film starts showing the more iconic, and not as enjoyable moments of the Kray twins lives. The mood shifts from being entertained, with thrilling fighting scenes and character development, to watching an interesting documentary. It still works however, and the film will still keep your attention throughout.