So here we have it, after months of tribulation surrounding the making of this film, we finally get Fox/Marvel’s latest production in the form of Fantastic Four (aka Fant-Four-Stick).

From the title alone you’d imagine a film with four distinct characters who already are/become “fantastic” during the course of the film. Makes sense, right? Simple enough, make me see four individuals become a team. Whilst you’re at it, make me care about their group dynamic and introduce a villain that will both tear them apart and force them to work together. This all sounds great, right? I think we all know where this review is going.

Fantastic Four Review
I can’t believe I might actually prefer this version…

Simply put: this film isn’t good. You have four lead characters who could have all died and I wouldn’t have cared. You have a villain who is evil, because…. reasons? I didn’t have any strong, or soft, feelings for anyone in the film. The four leads are boring and unlikable, the villain is… there. That’s all I can say about this.

I don’t understand how a film with four lead characters fails to explore effectively even one of them. Don’t get me wrong, we do get to see how: Sue Storm is edgy because she likes music; Johnny Storm likes cars and is black; Ben Grimm is a friend of Reed Richards; Reed wants to teleport for some reasons. I truly feel as though I don’t know these characters.

Fantastic Four Review
The best Fantastic Four film to date.

I think the biggest problem with this film is that it has been done before, and done better. I’m not talking about those dreadful Fanastic Four films (you know the ones), I’m talking about The Incredibles. Each character’s abilities in The Incredibles was an extension of their personality. We learnt more about them through their abilities and had a strong idea of who they were without them. Fantastic Four fails at this by giving us four random people I don’t care about, with random abilities to do nothing with.

For those who may think I dislike this film, you’d be wrong. I have no feelings for this film. I’m apathetic entirely and have forgotten about the experience already.