We’ve already done seven, let’s add some more! Movie execs listen us!

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

Terminator Vs Robocop

Apparently this is already a comic book. A robot trying to be human and a human who has become a robot face-off. To make this fair, it would have to be the Terminator from the first film. There hasn’t been this much robot on robot carnage since Robot Wars; speaking of which, bring back Robot Wars!

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

Jaws Vs Sharknado

This sounded better in my head. In reality it would just be a mess of flying sharks and Jaws casually swimming around in the ocean. The real victims of this versus movie will be the people leaving nearby.

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

Godfather Vs Scarface

Let’s see these battle it out in an all out gangster war. The plot can be a simple disagreement over territory as one party decides to increase their range. Imagine the amount of dead horses!

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

Fast and Furious Vs Transporter

After coming up with this idea, I realised this is pretty much the plot to Furious 7. Which I am totally okay with and will be watching that film when it comes out. I’m sure Jason Statham can invent a new form of martial arts involving cars.

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

Die Hard Vs Taken

The plot could have Bruce Willis’ character John McClane accidentally taking Liam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills’ daughter under some sort of misunderstanding. The back and forth on the phones would be interesting to say the least.


Toy Story Vs Small Soldiers

Looks like I’m not alone on this one, as someone has already made a trailer mashup for this. If the Toy Story crew accidentally adopted one of the Small Soldiers cast, it could lead to an all out toy on toy massacre. This versus film would give a well deserved reboot to Small Soldiers.

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

The Dark Knight Vs Sin City

Let me set the scene, Batman has brought order to Gotham and is looking for a tougher city to bring peace to. He finds out about Sin City and the level of debauchery that occurs.

8 More Awesome Versus Film Ideas

Raid vs Teenage Turtles

I’ve suggested this more for the comical value.Imagine the Turtles attempting to make jokes of the situation and systematically being stabbed 50 times and having their necks snapped. What great fun!


Let’s make this happen! Do you have any suggestions for versus movies?